Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me again

I stepped down fr the SUV,
it was drizzling,
a sweet gal in her japanese robe,
ran to me in her cute wooden japanese clogs,
clutching an umbrella...
which looks like those paper umbrella whereby u burn for those wandering spirits...

No wonder JS insist boldly,
he didn't want any umbrella.

Monkey walked along the corridor leading to the japanese house.
"Welcome back Ms. Cherry"
"Good evening Ms. Cherry"

I feel odd,
I enjoy creeping quietly into a restaurant,
and crawling out with a huge stomach,
without all the "masse" and "mass"
not even "terima kasih"
special complimentary appetizer fr Chef Ando
then I noticed my appetizer was different
fr the other patrons,
I have 6 selections of fresh produce,
just flown in on the same day.

and so happen that the other group who was seated beside us,
were the same ppl I met the last round.
there were only 7 seats at the counter.
so we were pretty close to hear each other's conversation.

I guess the looks we threw at each other explains,
"hey, we saw them last round."

and this round,
it was them who brought the champagne...
poached egg,
I dunno how to poach one beautifully like the above.
this time we had,
aji, sanma, squid and jap salmon.
Price varies depending on selection.
I dunno wat other fried dishes to have apart fr tempura and the stopid deep-fried oysters.
This was the best!!!
Chef Ando showed us the real thang before cooking it.
I think basically he showed us everything before putting a knife over it.
including the japanese lemon called..."yuzu" i think.

This steamed flat fish is as big as my palm only,
and both JS and me fighting over it.
RM 52
steamed jap rice with scallop,
you can choose any toppings you want.
complimentary fr Chef Ando,
Japanese grapes and Japanese melon,

"It has the sweet wine taste in it."
yes we thank him graciously and telling each other.
damn exp too...one pack consisting of maybe 30 grapes for like RM 50
and Santaro Spore charges SGD 20 for one piece of melon,
JS had a kiddie dessert,
Japanese Mochi RM 12
White = vanilla
Green = green tea
purple = lavender

I'll definitely return,
apart fr Kampachi at Equatorial KL
Anyone tried Benkay at Nikko yet?
lemme know.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Life is a plate of Dorayakis

May I present u....

*in Doraemon's voice for full effect*
(Doraemon's Beans/Nuts doughnut)
Dorayaki with peanut butter and red beans
I dunno why they translated it to donut *doughnut*,
when Dorayaki is a pancake.
but the usage of "kacang" is correct
coz it defines both beans and nuts
*the red beans and the peanuts*

If you are rajin u will make 2 pieces of pancakes
and sandwich the fillings in between,
when u are lazy u will just do the above.

since u are on a strict diet,
u can only look at the pics.
Doraemon and friends
Everyday in our life,
we meet with Mr.Problems & Mrs. Challenges,

though we do not have "Pintu Suka Hati!!"
nor "Lampu Suluh Kebenaran!!"
do not fret...

just bring out the Doraemon in you,

What I'm trying to say is...
do not give up in life,
have hope and faith,

and most of all believe in yourself.
just don't be a whiner like "Nobita"
nor big bully like "Giant"
or lazy bum like "Shinyu"

*see it's a good cartoon k!!*

If all fails...
then just go and watch Doraemon.
*it's a good cartoon OK??*

Have a good week ahead folks!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Live to EAT

Prawn fritters with wasabi mayo
Monkey usually look fwd to dinners esp on Fridays.
whereby I'll secure my reservation by noon,
go home early...
pick something nice to wear...
yada yada yada
hors d'ouvres
look at the heart fainting foie grais.....I hate it!!
I'm looking forward to tonite's dinner,
though have yet to decide where to eat,

by the way I haven't been seeing JS for so many dayz already.
due to commitments at work,
What to do...both of us signed contract mati with our careers.

Just lookin fwd to end of the month trip...
and next month's makan trip.
maine lobster in wine sauce
Thank God that JS is as workaholic as me,
being so supportive and helpful in my career,
*he's an expert in my line of biz*
otherwise any sane boyfriend would have dumped me,
Barbaresco is as elegant as any french burgs
so the million dollar question...
"Where to makan tonite????"
Almond Crepes with wild cherries and kirsch
hey folks..
u guys can also suggest any interesting place to dine/makan/whack in KL,
I do makan anything and everything.

so...wattoeat wattoeat wattoeat????
Jap again?
Chef's Salad at Nippon Tei, KLCC
I had Jap with Overdose Kenny on Wed,
and caught a great movie too!!
Evan Almighty
go watch it ppl!!!
Pic stolen fr Nee Lee
I am in the process to be the above,
Nee Lee drew it to honour Mr. Joo.

How come you didn't draw a Monkey Fish???

wattoeat wattoeat watteat wattoeat???

Thursday, August 23, 2007


*click on the the above for larger pic*

just something to amuse myself when I'm bored.
It's known that I mencaci others to make myself happy at times.
In this case,
they deserved to be caci-ed.

Ok children....
Let's start our England lesson.

Based on the above visual/picture/photo taken
at a prestigious 5 star shopping gallery
boasting the first of its kind in the world
with bla bla bla *ok enuff of promotion here*

sorry lar...this monkey too stoopid...so many words she doesn't und!
very bombastique fantastique england in the terms and conditions.

but then hor....I knoe ar..
when to use comma, full stop, big cap etc.
This one ar...my montessori teacha tot me one wor.

Also when to use "articles", "prepositions" and "conjunctions"
yes I know ,
it's complicated but didn't we all learn that in school??
I mean Skool!!
*sorry folks, I forgot to maintain my england*

and we have yet to explore further into
the usage of the above...
take "conjunctions"

there are Correlating conjunctions,
Subordinating conjunctions,
and Correlative conjunctions.

It's important bcoz it links words, phrases or clauses.
*I mean knoe*

Anyway this T&C *that's terms and conditions u stupid*
sounded like it was translated by a retard
from another language to english.

Then sumone reminded me...
"yes it was written by retard(s) for retards"
ok...then I shouldn't be reading it
nor blogging bout it..
that will make me a retard...
I am soooooo gonna purchase this
for their anniverssary/watever retarded celebration.
hmm.....Merdeka sounds good.
It's next week.

Hey by the way,
my friend's daughter can spell A-P-P-L-E
when she's 3.5 years old!!!!

not A-P-L-L-E
*notice anything wrong???*
when the median age of U RETARDS are at 35!!!

dom dee dum
another glorious day for a glorious person like me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hungry Ghost

Pic stolen fr Nee Lee

I think this Ghost Fish is not hungry at all...
coz it has got a yellow mushroom *with a halo*
and a big durian.

Nee Lee really got the mood to draw her fishes with festive season
does hungry ghost month count as festive season????
tee hee hee..
pardon me...
I'm a banana in Msia.

But this is the month,
when the so called "hell gate" break loose
err... I mean it's open once a year for 14 days

for those wondering souls, spirits, watever...
to creep into our World...to
to WAT ar?????
*actually I have no idea what is it about*

All I know is...
Monkey was refrained fr goin out late at nite,
to be home by 7pm???? *my ass*
no nite outings with frenz *bohohohohohohohoho*

well that was when I was still young & naive.
even now that I am still young & naive *ahem*
I am still stucked to those rules....
embedded by the elderly into my mind.

Prollie that's why I missed Gwen Stefani last nite.
All I did was playing her songs over and over again in my Ipod.
by the way no kaki to go with.

Anyway I went out last nite...
God Bless everyone and good day ahead.

PS: Nee Lee, let me know once this festive season is over...I am too dumb to read the lunar calendar. Thanks.
PPS: Read more about the "don'ts" of this festive season at Nee Lee's blog *here*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

of shoe racks & wine racks (Chillers)

Monkey & JS were discussing,
which wine to bring out for dinner.

"We'll have Cyril Hensckhe 1970!!"
"What's the special occassion??"

"Nope, the wine is too old, I'm scared that it will turn bad!!"
"Go and check with trader first."
after checking.....
we found out that it can still do another 2 more years of cellaring.
but we have nothing else interesting to drink.
so JS was still convincing me to open this bottle.

"hmmm, in a few more years time, there will STILL be good stuffs in the chillers."
"old stuff will have to go to make way for new ones. Otherwise not enuff space."
"erm...sounds like my shoes rack. I just cleared 4 old ones to make space for another 5."

off topic:
my shoes were everywhere at home and JS almost trip on them everytime he walks by...
last Sat when I was purchasing another pair....he just said: NO
I can't believe it that was the first time he said no to me
even when I was paying for it.....he was asking "do u think u have space to store them?"

there u go...he rest his case.
but we had another bottle.
Notes fr sommelier:

I think basically wines fr Margaux are sweet.
I still have a 1980 magnum bottle occupying lotsa space in the chiller.
not so interesting unagi + scrambled egg
I prefer their prawn appetizer.

but Chef Takashi Kimura is a genius,
he alwiz have something new in his Einstein brain.
by the way he was one of Tetsuya's student.
Zuke Ohtoro of Tuna with Tonburi & Wakame
I was trying to shake my camera like those shaky gel-liked thing on the plate.
Don't like!!
Tak Sedap!!!
my main - angus beef in bacon jus
this place is halal....
it's beef bacon folks.

I was alarmed at its portion!!!!
and gave an alarming look when served.

I guess it was so apparent coz my fav waiter said:

"It's only 160gm of meat."
"......O_O.......(still wide eyed look)"
then he was trying to explain....
below are stacks of potatoes and korean mushrooms.
Anyway JS's wagyu beef....was alarmingly small,
but I don't like wagyu....no beef taste but with good texture.
my fav caramel with a pinch of sea salt and choco truffles
no dessert for us....
dunno who's on diet now.
Roger Dubuis - Golden Square
superrrrrrrr nice watch.
only at Swiss Union.

hah!!! I managed to get his pic without him noticing!!!
he must be ogling at red hair chick next table...
actually more like the bottle of wine they were having.

so he treasures his wines,
me and my shoes...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Good morning

Finally last Sunday,
I managed to be a late Queen.
*that also coz I slept super late*

Pottered to One Utama,
to meet Cousin Jessie.

Monkey only step foot there like...
once in 3 months???

I lurve that place,
just that the traffics,
the 2 legged humans roaming in the complex,
the horrendous parkings....
tsk tsk..such a no-no.
cheese nachos for breakfast...
is really another no-no.
by the way it was 3.15pm then.
Super sleepy just awaken Monkey and Cousin Jessie
She made me smile with teeth
I don't have sparkling pearly white teeth lar darlin.
thank u to coffee.
We were not wearing the same top by the way,
When we were young,
everyone thought we were sisters/twins *WTF!!*

but wat to do...
my mom was deprived of barbie dolls when she grew up..
that she mistaken us as barbies...
and made us dress the way she liked...
with all those sweet lolly colour dresses,
with ribbons here and there and...yikes
I don't wanna recall.

and my GAWDDD....our hair...
no wonder we've been having prob with school discipline teachers
with all the painted nails, multiple earrings and over stylish hair for a student.
okie..past tense.
Anyway I really do missed all those growing up thingy,
and my oh my...we grew up too fast..
with you getting married in 2 months time.
I feel like slapping my forehead.
*piak piak piak*
and how could u make me work the most on your wedding?!?!?!?

I wanna sit back and enjoy,
and not be the emcee,
the organiser,
the person who will direct all your multimedias,
the person to take care of all your chee-muis.
and most of all the, play the stopid piano on your big DAY!!!

in front of all the uncles and aunties..
I'll do anything...but that!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekend with Miss Monkey

Weekends are meant to rejuvenate...
relax....catch up with social life,
and most of all..
sleep late.

I was the champion of all,
when I was a lil notti monkey..
sleeping till the sun shining high on my head.

People in the household used to take turns,
to wake me up from my coma.
to ensure that I take my regular meals,
I don't miss my music class, art class, tuitions.
*but for sure I never miss going out with my friends*

then gradually,
everyone in the household gave up.
so lil Monkey can be a comatose for as long as she wants.

Now.....I rarely have the chance to be one.
or infact, even when I tried so hard.
I will just wake up at 6.30......
Siew Mai

Guess I am chinese after all!!
I lurve dim sum *all the time*
but only on weekends....
I have the luxury of time enjoying my food.
Rather than gobbling down while reading emails and answering the phone.
*and blogging of coz*
Taiping pohpiah

Sometimes I have this...
but Malacca's Nyonya pohpiah still the best.
Nasi Lemak

No matter how chinese I am..
I am more of a Malaysian.
Move over dim sum!!!!
my shopping list for the weekend.

I have to admit I am a very ineffective shopper,
buy wat u want today, and buy wat u want tmrw...tomorrow.
*I guess the reason is...my fridge is overloaded*
*blame it on the sauternes, the dessert wines, the shoju, the sake, the beers, and YES the 11 bottles of champagnes!!!!*

BSC or Village Grocer at BVII are my fav place to do groceries,
Anyway couldn't find SUMAC,
it's some mediterranean spice for salads.
So replaced with Za'atar *some middle eastern spice*
which has some % of SUMAC in it.
I dunno wat to cook dy,
hence a not so creative dinner..
homemade beef burger with baked potatoes in tabasco and lime juice.
and humous for the beef patties' base.
the Za'atar gave the tomatoes, flat leaf parsley and salad onions some lift.

"Oh! We are having kiddy dinner today???"
"What do u mean by kidde HAH????????"
Strawberry lassi
I think my food processor is not meant to blend ice+yogurt+strawberries
it didn't came out smooth.

Anyway JS made the above,
so far we had banana lassi, strawberry lassi...
and my fav got to be Pakistani Mango Lassi.

What to cook this weekend???
greek pie??

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I decided to give Fukuya another visit
Complimentary appetizer fr Chef,
octupus in ponzu sauce with a dash of wasabi.
sashimi plate..
just choose fish/shell fish/crustaceans,
and TA-DA..it will be presented well on a plater.
The Aji bones were not spared...
deep fry them.
This was my favourite
Grilled egg plant with two type of miso on top.
everything was sooo.....caramelised.
grilled sanma fish...
I never like it bcoz it is bitter!!!
Someone lurve it so much
that it came out clean
I totally hate sea urchin now.
He's frowning coz...
"I don't wanna be photographed!!!"

I just wanna capture your timepiece ler....
JLC World Time. Nice rite?
Another person who doesn't wanna be photographed...
Chef Takao Ando...
everyone also camera shy..
no wonder I'm classified as cam-whore.
crispy salmon skin sushi..
I prefer rolls though.
dunno what leaves are these...
soft shell crab tempura...something very ordinary.
fried oyster...
I think I prefer them raw.

Nee Lee is sooo gonna say "euuuuu" while reading this.
and of coz garlic fried rice
corkage = RM 50++
I have a dozen of Moet sitting at home,
not in my wine chillers,
but fridge....no space.

Wat to do...I bought 5 for event,
and SOMEONE bought 12 at home..

U wanna prove who can get better price izzit?
anyway those 5 for event still intact...
sitting ugly in my server room.
and NO i am never a Moet person.
JS playing around with chef's highly prized sashimi knife.

Great thing bout sitting at the sashimi counter is..
u can disturb the chef when he's at work,
ask a gazillion of questions...

I think he almost wanted to slice us of for his appetizer.
Nope, we won't make good sashimis

Anyway details of Fukuya *again*
Authentic Japanese Cuisine
No.9 Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
606 2144 1022

Nope folks...
I don't get paid for the above.

But it's a nice and cozy place
with great food and ok service,
beautiful settings,
and private rooms.

Great to hold exclusive previews and events too.