Saturday, September 30, 2006

Outing with girlfriends

The content on this posting may contain explicit pictures of monkey herself. Excessive viewing may cause permanent brain damage and a feeling of hatred towards this narcicist. Side effects including nausea, insominia, disgustion and migraine. the way thank you for dropping by :)

We had a massive gathering at SevenateNine, Ascott last nite to meet Michelle who's back from Sydney. Despite her hectic schedule as an analyst, she took leave and came back to Msia for 2 weeks.
Monkey and Wei Kuen
We were the 1st few to arrived with Siew Hui, Sau Leng and Camelina.
Respect is all I can shower to her for organising this gathering.
22 of us turned up. *plus the guys*
Wei Kuen will be starting a new job soon.
Good luck to u gal!!
me and beautiful Sau Leng.
Adores her sexay flocks.
with sweet Siew Ling, who's in the $$$$$ line. Can u see the sparkle in her eyes?
monkey *again* with snow white princess Ivy.
She alwiz got the role as snow white during school's play.
another princess, Sook Mei who has the straightest, blackest, longest real hair I've ever seen!!
confirmed Pantene's ambassador!!! hehehehe...
Diana and me....spunky cool hair....*what's with me and hair that nite??*
long time no see Li-Ann...she reminded me of Ming Yai a lot :)
this gal is an out-door person with massive of cycling, mountain climbing and salsa dancing *well that's not outdoor but nvm*
Cool gal Siew Hui who was the first one to recognise me at the parking lot!! Keep up with the fabulous smile gal!!!
super long time no see Jol Dih....that's like 9 years ago???? and she's an engineer now...kewl.
Serena, I've alwiz thought she has the most beautiful name in school since primary 6.....tan mei hua...hehehe
Siew Chien decided to join in last minute around midnite and came with a total-stranger-cum-driver-she-called friend.....hahaha...
everyone busy chatting and catching up with each other....almost like a CNY gathering.
Sook Mei, Wei Kuen and Siew Hui
and Monkey alwiz leave the best for the last......
the main and most important gal of the nite....Michelle herself...
monkey and michelle with colgate smiles.
ahem....attendance list:
Sau Leng*Wei Kuen*Camelina*Siew Hui*Sook Mei*Michelle*Ivy*Chiew Teng*Li-Ann*Kelly*Pei Pei*Woon Nie*Serena*Jol Dih*Siew Chien*Diana*myself Yen ching*Kenny*Yau Choy*Keane*Chee Keong*Ivy's bf (sorry i forgot ur name).

Friday, September 29, 2006


what a number plate!
No..i did not photoshop-ed it.
Got this yesterday while on the way to Saujana Golf Course.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Monkey was despatched to get some groceries ASAP...coz
someone made last minute decision to cook yummy dinner.

KLCC parking mgt
ought to fix the damn elevator!!
waited 1 minute....tap up & down again.
tap tap....tap's like waiting for a ride with KTM.

texted JS and cursed..
"wei, the lift at your wing under maintenance izzit?"
"get the next nearest one. I've waited 5 minutes this morning for one." monkey walked over to Isetan and managed to squeezed myself in with some other frantic shoppers. What's the fuss about? They've blocked all the entrance to every single floor except the supermarket floor...

so everytime the lift opens, no one can get out coz
Isetan is having their pre-member sales!!! GREAT!!!!!
but I have no time and better not lost the plot and do my own shoppings.
the usual perrier, tomatoes for salad, apples and eggs for dessert, cilantros for pasta, bruscheta for appetizer, basils and rockets for salads.

I tried soooo hard not to go down to the ladies department and land myself something new.
Zoomed straight to the parking after checking out my cart.
Then have to zoom home to avoid the Ramadhan-month-late-afternoon-jam.

Just don't get it, the whole KL fasting????
That 2 million cars jamming every single road available within my area to get home to eat.
I can't even drive into my condo.
And when I did, I accelerated too much and..............
hit the bump at the guard house.
WTF!!!! I'm a very careful driver!!!!! I cannot accept this!!!
Then I went and survey my car out of curiosity.
Did u see that??? I DIDNT DO THAT!!!! WHERE DID IT CAME FROM???

Now I have to send the beamer for paint work......duh...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The day we arrived, we had a fishy dinner....lotsa lotsa fresh fish fr the sea.
they lurve drinking as much as I do.....yaaaay!!!!
I fell in love with this junk!! Where's the pearl?? WHERE???
Look at its size compared with the tennis ball
Bernard hauled it up fr the sea a few months back. It weights 40kg so I won't be able to carry it home to West Msia.
Eveline makes super delicious carrot cake with cream cheese
the pizza recipe was still fresh in my memory so I made some for them.
and I've got so many sous chef helping me. L-R: burnt black sous chef fr karambunai golf course, The Royal Highness sous chef fr Shanghai and 3 more indon-mali sous chef. So we made a melting pot pizza....hahahaha.
we had Krug Grand Cuvee champagne with our pizzas
with some cute Veuve Clicquot champagne glasses
I sat on seat 1D on both journeys *yes behind the cockpit again* sun setting on the horizon - journey home to KL

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

JS took me for a stroll at the Jetty on Sunday morning.
Before that, we had dim sum at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru with Her Royal Highness.
some nice Kadazan erm...deco????
there's plenty of these around
Kazadan monkey and me da monkey!!!
I thought I was really tanned fr all the swimming & golf..but someone is way too burnt!!!

Bernard took me to one of the fishing boats which just anchored from a nite of fishing
more boats left and right
I was expected to walk up this tiny super slim flimsy fragile wooden plank
everyone waiting for me to climb it!!! WTF!!! no way!!!
Look what they've got!!! a huge 2.5kg lobster!! That's our dinner baby!!!
Sotong the captain and Bernard

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dinner with Her Royal Highness

Yes it was rather stressful to maintain myself,
refrained fr touching any alcos,
despite all the beautiful merlots and burgundies.....yummy. and more smiles...
and let those Datuks...Datins...scrutinized me up and down.
up and down...over and over again.......-_-

It was hard to be lady-like for a monkey like me!!!

JS's nephews, Mark & Andrew looked so bored.....

All I wanna do is:
enjoy myself as much as I want,
eat a lot and stuff myself with good food and good wines,
play PSP with Mark & Andrew,
to be able to hold my baby's hand,
talk like a monkey,
let my hair down and loose myself.

Instead I,
Sat upright the whole nite,
ate very very lil,
very lil alcos too,
smile till my jaw ached,
spoke like a real LAY-DEE,
and maintain my sweetness....ouch.
JS was very busy the whole nite
Me and Bernard the Joker, JS's bro-outlaw!!!

Bernard is such a darl,
he's charming, adorable and very accomodating to me...
attended to all my needs, whinings and my princess-liked behaviors,

The day we arrived,
it was cloudy and I couldn't get a good view of Mt. Kinabalu,
Bernard drove to every single directions so I can get a good view of it once,
entertained me with all his jokes, hence he's called the Joker,
sang and played the guitar for me,
showed me around the city and his beautiful boat,
introduced me to his extended family,
drove me all the way 50 miles to Tuaran just bcoz I lurve Fuzhou noodles.
thank u so much Bernard for your hospitality and patience with me :)

Her Royal Highness, Datin Lim, JS's beloved mommy....:))))

She's a Shanghainese,
lucky she can speak very fluent cantonese and english,
otherwise no communications at all...

She's very nice and kind to me too :)))
very very humble and down to earth...
made sure I'm well fed *which I was, more like over-fed*
bird nest before bed time...
and all those bitter ginseng watever seng seng tea early in the morn...
I know it's supposed to be good for me but I hated both.
and I was very well taken care of by her maids...

Do you wanna go back to KL if u were me???
I don't think so...
just pure tai-tai life there...aaaaa...bliss..

"baby, when are we goin back?"
"Up to u....*smiles*"

so we are goin back again this November for more activities but definitely not challenging the Mountain yet....I need to build up my stamina for 4 months for it.

Land beneath the Wind

As they called it..
Sabah, Negeri di bawah Bayu.

Hence, Sabah the Land beneath the Wind...
indeed it this was what monkey been doin everyday.
sun-bathing with some other aneroxic skeleton-like blondes on the beach
sorry folks no pics of me on the beach coz I looked damn fat!!!! compared with those skeletons.
admiring the views
sipping my pina colada
Manukan Island, will take a dive there this November
more serene views
There are crabs everywhere beneath the rocks
aaaaaaaaaa...bliss....I had to be dragged to the airport yesterday to come back to KL