Thursday, September 14, 2006


went to the new boutique 2 nites back.
Finally it opened its door last Thur after months of major reno relocation work.
The new Louis Vuitton boutique is now very visible fr Bkt Bintang Road...
just beside JW Marriott Hotel.

So we took a "familiarisation" walk around the outlet towards closing time...
it even has a VIC (very-important-customer) room with its own kitchenette and powder room.
First in the world for LV about customer service...

it looks like any other LV boutique in the world...cept the size.
this we can't compare considered that we are a really tiny market.

I do not know why,
a 10 minutes "familiarisation" walk can caused him to part money,
and got himself a bag...*slaps forehead*

"baby, you are not getting anything for yourself?"

I am not a LV fan...period.
Don't ever ask why...full stop.

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