Saturday, September 16, 2006

Meetup with Galfriends....

It was raining when I was driving to meet my galfriends...
was already cursing on the "unnecessary" jam caused by the motorists..
took me an hour to a place which usually take about 10 minutes.
*more cursing...@#$@#$*&%...*

Just bcoz, these ppl wanna stop to check out
malaysian drivers...tsk..tsk...
no wonder the fatality rate is so high..
all thanks to one word "kepoh" or curiosity...
don't they know curiosity kills the cat??
the hyperactive SC and Sam who was late as usual...kekeke
both of them sat in-front of me in Seconday 4,
and at the back in Seconday 5,
where they loved to munch their "kacangs & keropoks" during classes...
*wei still munching at work ar?*
something for rememberance fr this meet-up
We made a pact!!
and see who will bear children first....
The guessing game has started and the stakes are high!!!
I can't believe it that I've actually nominated meself among the 4 of us!!!
YM my best friend with her geberas....lovely..
Don't "pray-pray" with this lecturer ya!!!
She may looked sweet, innocent and soft..
but behind that mask..nyek nyek...erm i dunno actually...kakakaka
SC tried to maintain her "coolness" in this pic
both of us got so comfy, messy and sexay...after a good meal
I looked so intimidated here coz SC is freaking tall.
hey gal, u should be in modelling.
but on the other side, I do share your frustration on getting a partner as tall as you!!
guess men nowadays lacking in heights...must be some dysfunction chromosome!!
Sam used to sit behind me at school and beside me during Mrs. Ho tuition.
a petite gal with pettite voice..
we were tucking her with food the whole nite...
and this gal can really take forever to finish a tiny bowl of soup...
guess this is the secret to maintain a petite slim body.

Dear gals...
it was truly an enjoyable evening meeting up and yakking, bitching & camera-whoring,
*ppl must be wondering which jungle are these "sakais" from*
thank u for coming and showing up...*hehehe*
most of all, enjoyed catching up with u all...

went back at abt 11-ish,
Baby already dozed off on the sofa waiting...
haven't seen him for 3 freaking days,
and he looked so tanned & red fr all the activities,
My red lobster!!!!

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