Monday, September 25, 2006

Monkey back to mother's nature

Last Friday, monkey joined the Joker and the Macho for golf at Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club.

YES golf instead of enjoying myself being pampered at the spa.

Dalit Bay GCC has one of the best spa..see I'm soooo sweet. *sweet sweet monkey*

The course is operated by the luxurious Shangri-La resort next door. We'll stay there next time. Beautiful place.
Tee-ing off at hole 1 on a sunny morning
this is the hardest and most difficult course in Sabah coz it has the most ponds....someone strucked 3 Titleist balls into the ponds.... 70 bucks...gone..:(
beautiful seaview
and mountain....
it's actually Mt. Kinabalu...can see or not??? at 13,000 feet it nestled among the clouds.
see I got sooooo tanned and it's only hole 11.
hahaha....masuk bunker, JS played a frustrating game that day but he's damn good
haha....after some time, I just gave up and chill it.
with my iPod and cold drinks driving the buggy.

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