Thursday, September 28, 2006


Monkey was despatched to get some groceries ASAP...coz
someone made last minute decision to cook yummy dinner.

KLCC parking mgt
ought to fix the damn elevator!!
waited 1 minute....tap up & down again.
tap tap....tap's like waiting for a ride with KTM.

texted JS and cursed..
"wei, the lift at your wing under maintenance izzit?"
"get the next nearest one. I've waited 5 minutes this morning for one." monkey walked over to Isetan and managed to squeezed myself in with some other frantic shoppers. What's the fuss about? They've blocked all the entrance to every single floor except the supermarket floor...

so everytime the lift opens, no one can get out coz
Isetan is having their pre-member sales!!! GREAT!!!!!
but I have no time and better not lost the plot and do my own shoppings.
the usual perrier, tomatoes for salad, apples and eggs for dessert, cilantros for pasta, bruscheta for appetizer, basils and rockets for salads.

I tried soooo hard not to go down to the ladies department and land myself something new.
Zoomed straight to the parking after checking out my cart.
Then have to zoom home to avoid the Ramadhan-month-late-afternoon-jam.

Just don't get it, the whole KL fasting????
That 2 million cars jamming every single road available within my area to get home to eat.
I can't even drive into my condo.
And when I did, I accelerated too much and..............
hit the bump at the guard house.
WTF!!!! I'm a very careful driver!!!!! I cannot accept this!!!
Then I went and survey my car out of curiosity.
Did u see that??? I DIDNT DO THAT!!!! WHERE DID IT CAME FROM???

Now I have to send the beamer for paint work......duh...

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