Saturday, September 02, 2006

All filled to the brim

You can't really see what's inside...I've actually switched on the lights inside.
1st chiller
Bottom - champagnes and white wines
Upper tier - burgundies
There's two tiers with different temperature settings...
So for the champagnes I've set them at 6 usual reds are kept at around 12 degrees.
2nd chiller
All reds and they are non-drinkable as in ready to be put to sleep for a few more years.
Wait lar...maybe on my special day...kakakaka..if I can control my cravings and wait that long.
Each chiller can accomodates only 43 bottles.
Me still admiring the sideboard until today...who wants to design sideboard come look for me...hehehe....*narcicist*
To celebrate we opened a bottle of Pensfold Shiraz 1994.
very good nose, tomato-ish.
herbaceous character....good and lasting palate.
I was surprised by its deep red colour for a 12 year-old wine.
Caramel after taste....very good with the marinara linguine dinner.

Today is Saturday, and it's weekend...
Monkey had to work!!!! *yikes*

*someone* said retail and merchandising is my passion, so he sent me for some spying assignments....
well maybe *spying* is a very strong I shall use *MARKET SURVEY*
I never like "food to go" like these...
I enjoy my food to the max...
then lunched at Hatsumana BSC
Service = Poor
Food's presentation = okie lar
Food = sucks
Ambience = none
salmon sashimi (5 slices) RM 35
Squid sashimi (5 slices) RM 35
Yaki Udon (std size) RM 15


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