Saturday, September 30, 2006

Outing with girlfriends

The content on this posting may contain explicit pictures of monkey herself. Excessive viewing may cause permanent brain damage and a feeling of hatred towards this narcicist. Side effects including nausea, insominia, disgustion and migraine. the way thank you for dropping by :)

We had a massive gathering at SevenateNine, Ascott last nite to meet Michelle who's back from Sydney. Despite her hectic schedule as an analyst, she took leave and came back to Msia for 2 weeks.
Monkey and Wei Kuen
We were the 1st few to arrived with Siew Hui, Sau Leng and Camelina.
Respect is all I can shower to her for organising this gathering.
22 of us turned up. *plus the guys*
Wei Kuen will be starting a new job soon.
Good luck to u gal!!
me and beautiful Sau Leng.
Adores her sexay flocks.
with sweet Siew Ling, who's in the $$$$$ line. Can u see the sparkle in her eyes?
monkey *again* with snow white princess Ivy.
She alwiz got the role as snow white during school's play.
another princess, Sook Mei who has the straightest, blackest, longest real hair I've ever seen!!
confirmed Pantene's ambassador!!! hehehehe...
Diana and me....spunky cool hair....*what's with me and hair that nite??*
long time no see Li-Ann...she reminded me of Ming Yai a lot :)
this gal is an out-door person with massive of cycling, mountain climbing and salsa dancing *well that's not outdoor but nvm*
Cool gal Siew Hui who was the first one to recognise me at the parking lot!! Keep up with the fabulous smile gal!!!
super long time no see Jol Dih....that's like 9 years ago???? and she's an engineer now...kewl.
Serena, I've alwiz thought she has the most beautiful name in school since primary 6.....tan mei hua...hehehe
Siew Chien decided to join in last minute around midnite and came with a total-stranger-cum-driver-she-called friend.....hahaha...
everyone busy chatting and catching up with each other....almost like a CNY gathering.
Sook Mei, Wei Kuen and Siew Hui
and Monkey alwiz leave the best for the last......
the main and most important gal of the nite....Michelle herself...
monkey and michelle with colgate smiles.
ahem....attendance list:
Sau Leng*Wei Kuen*Camelina*Siew Hui*Sook Mei*Michelle*Ivy*Chiew Teng*Li-Ann*Kelly*Pei Pei*Woon Nie*Serena*Jol Dih*Siew Chien*Diana*myself Yen ching*Kenny*Yau Choy*Keane*Chee Keong*Ivy's bf (sorry i forgot ur name).

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