Friday, September 08, 2006

The smell of Victory

a few weeks ago...

"Odyssey is nice and comfy..."
"HARRIERRRRRR is better..."
"I like the size of Odyssey!"
"Like we have a huge family now??? Just you and me?!?!? Does that spell BIG?"
"You don't understand..."
"I THINK you're the one!!!"
So monkey won this battle!! *beaming with smiles*
and it's not even my car...
2.4 full specs (just bcoz I want the sun roof)
yesterday the car came and we took it out for a ride the moment we got the keys.
Stopped at the club and it's my turn!!! nyek nyek nyek!!
Well, that was yesterday...
and this morning I woke up late.
My flight is at 3pm later - singapore here I come *again*
Have to go to the airport in 45 minutes.

Yet to pack,
Yet to shower,
Yet to dress up,
Yet to doll up,
Yet to choose which cocktail dress to wear,
Yet to choose which sexay-come-fark-me stilettoes to match with "the dress",
Yet to dump all these into the luggage bag,
Yet to wash last nite's dishes,

and I am here sitting blogging,
baby is coming back in 15 minutes and he's gonna be soooo unhappy with me..
I'm such a procastinator.
as usual, he's so full with enthusiasm.
Everything all packed early last nite,
together with his new golf set...
just bcoz *YOU* gonna watch Ernie Els play this weekend...
do u have to get a new one???

at least I don't buy a new car when I meet Michael Schumacher!!
*erm, only a new dress and a new pair of stilettoes and erm....a new bag*

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