Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The b-day gal!!! Su San with her "Chocolate Lava"

OK folks...me taking a break fr the Sydney post to wish my friend a very Happy Birthday!!
Will continue tmrw esp for those who are craving for more pics..
not so fast gurl!!! *piak!!!
monkey, Su San, Connie, Carol and Yvonne in Red
We had an all-gals nite out on Sunday to bowl and makan at Sunway Pyramid.
Haven't been there for quite some time...years actually.
The parking was messy due to the massive constructions
no wonder Dato Jeffrey placed cute guys at the entrance of the parking...
who will:

punch a ticket out fr the machine for ya eventhough u can do it yourself
give u a lovely sweet smile
greet u "Welcome to Sunway Pyramid and Good Afternoon Maam"
"Have a nice day and enjoy your stay at Sunway Pyramid"

and so I happily replied..."you too sweetie"
Upon entering the parking lot....gosh..
I thought I've entered a maze which has no exit!!!
If u wanna go to Pyramid next, take my advise...
park at the hotel instead..

so moral of the story is...
it's always too good to be true..
esp when u see cute guys serving u.
Connie aka Mrs. Tan & Su San
Yvonne, Monkey & Lu Ai
Connie, Su San, Carol
wat's with the PEACE sign???
we had dinner at Tony Roma's and Monkey chomped on her greasy burger.
Carol and me
yeap...i lurve all my friends very much no matter how silly they are!!

I pandai-pandai took the new NPE highway home...
was supposed to be easy...dunno why I was so dumb and took the wrong turning..
reached home at 10.40pm
JS already fast asleep coz he played 18 holes today instead of the usual 9 & entertaining with his Swiss friend.
JS looked irritated coz I woke him up to tell him about my outings, yak yak yak yak yak

"baby...I have to cari makan tmrw..."

"I don't care...I'm not working...u have to listen..hahahaha"
"..............................*God save meeeeeee*................................"

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sydney, Day 6

Today is free & easy, go where you want to..
so a camera-whore like me wanna take more pics
and we went around the city.
this pic is currently my wallpaper taken at The Rocks, very nice sandstones

At the wharf near Hickson Road
picturesque view and pristine water
him in Oakley me in Nike
JS taught me how to get the right angle....How did I do? He's lucky this student is smart!!
poser poser poser poser poser poser
and walked towards the bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
It's a massive structure
The bolt is as big as my head!!!
this pic was not good enough......but I still wanna put it here coz I TOOK IT!!!!
weather was very good for walking
fr where I sat, this is the view!! Awesome.
Circular Quay
JS stood and waited with the strong wind for this shot
"Cheers baby!" Yes yes..we've been cheering ever since we arrived.
Fresh oyster with ponzu sauce AUD 24
lunched at Yuki at Overseas Passenger Terminal

sashimi of ocean trout and tuna AUD 30, once u've tasted ocean trout, u won't wanna eat salmon anymore. Not even the Scottish ones.
seafood chirashi AUD 45

Yukis at the Quay
Level 4, Overseas Passenger Terminal,
West Circular Quay
Tel: 02 9252 8600
after lunch, walked through the streets. When you walked in the shades, it's so cold but not under the sun!!!
Then we went to Sydney Tower, the tallest structure in Sydney
this is the stunning view I got.
wow!! I can even see that the Earth is round!!!
JS said: It's the lense of your camera. You can't see that the Earth is round fr here. You silly gal!!
Monkey: Ya kar??
I'm scared of heights!!!
Looking for something??
the shadow of Sydney Tower on Hyde Park
we had dinner with Michelle & James at Est
Restaurant of the year for 2006 in Australia.
we were lucky coz it's always fully booked in advanced
Michelle & Monkey
2nd course, Sashimi of kingfish, shaved fennel, apple and ocean trout caviar with Grey Goose Vodka in blood orange and vanilla oil.
I forgot to snap pics of the 1st course which is sand crab in avocado, coriander and mint
this is 3rd course, nage of Moreton Bay bug with cucumber, black fungi, ginger and lime.
Vodka pairing with this course is Grey Goose Vodka stirred with sweet preserved lime juice served up with lim zest.
I love their comfy seats
We had cocktails pairings with every course.
4th course - Pan roasted rib eye of lamb with spiked cherry tomatoes, zucchini and thyme served with a funny vodka that tasted like Bloody Mary.
5th course is a Grapefruit & Grey Goose Vodka sorbet paired with Grey Goose L'Orange vodka, a classic James Dean Vodka.
Dessert!!! yaaaay!!! we had caramelized pineapple with star anise ice cream with bakes pineapple and peruvian spices vodka shaken with ginger and fresh lime.
Got the celebrity Chef Peter Doyle to put a signature for me!!
JS & James
JS & James again...can both of u stop moving too much for me to get a good pic?!?!?
Dinner was good cept the vodka bit......neva like vodkas but in Est, you eat what the chef cooks and that nite was a Grey Goose Vodka nite at Est.
Good nite Folks!!
Est Restaurant
252, George Street,
Sydney NSW
Tel: 02 9240 3010
Reservations daysssss in advanced pls!!!