Saturday, October 07, 2006

My superstar contractor

Yesterday my contractor Eddy dropped by & showered me with lotsa mooncakes..
aiks..shy-nye..I neva buy any for him.

"Lady boss, U know this Mawi or not?"
"oh yea, of coz...he's the sensation right now."
"I dunno wor......"
.......10 seconds of silence.....
"I just realised I'm designing and renovating his office now."
"Really???? wow....good for u!!"

and so all the juicy gossips poured out.
but I can't share it here...
or Mawi's spoke ppl (or should I say team?) will come after me to issue a statement of apology.
no matter how true the gossips are.

Coming to that, it's sad how fame and materials can change a person.
Without fame and materials, ppl still can change...hehehe.

I'm sure everyone has a secret..(or secrets) and skeletons in their closet.
DO you have a secret?

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