Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Confirmed Alcoholic... :(

JS came back fr Singapore on Sunday midnite,
and speaks acceptable level of cantonese....*oooo surprise surprise*
and Prince C speaks English!!!

Wat happened?

Upon greeting them at the guard house, Prince C yelped to me.
"This one your boyfriend ar?"
"..huh..." *huh coz he was speaking english for the 1st time*
"See wat he did to my car"..*mmmm not bad though it sounded sooo chinese*

JS ran over a dog on the highway.
and the whole body kit on the front bumper has to be taken out.
Lucky Prince C didn't make u pay for it!!!!
Prince C gave me half a dozen of Moscato....yipeeeee...
and another 8 bottles of Krug Grand Cuvee Champagnes...I have no place hence they are in the fridge.
and JS took home so much of stock fr his cellar that I have no space in the wine chillers...all chucked into the study room with the air cond full blast at 16 degrees 24/7. It's a walk-in mortuary at my place.
I alwiz wondered how did u guys passed the custom ppl with a SUV truckload of wines. This box of Krug 85. Awesome.
A magnum (1.5L) btl of Cloudy Bay 99. Compared to a standard size bordeux...
Last nite, JS made salmon with french potatoes (he bought the potatoes in SG....aiks) in hollanaise sauce.
the salmon is soaked in olive oil heated to 37 degrees for 2 hours. We don't have any thermometer...so instead of getting a cooking one, he went to the pharmacy.
JS got me a Sanyo digital media camera SGD $ 2,100
720p HD vid scanning
MPEG-4 compression
5.1 MB digital pics
10x optical lense
10x digital zoom lense
High definition video
bla bla bla...

for me, the most important attribute..
it got to be small.
nothing can be compared with his Nikon SLR.....massive.
His lense alone cost the same as the media camera..I wouldn't spend $$$$$ on gadgets like this.
All chucked into the new Crumpler bag.

I have yet to pack for my trip to Sydney tmrw.
and i'm holding 2 jobs now...
Job 1: to handover by end of the month.
Job 2: my new job, already started working as at yesterday!!!

BUSY......but I love the adrenaline.
and still find time to btich here.

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