Wednesday, October 11, 2006

poochie pooch

my lovey dovey cuddly super soft like cashmere and fluffy like cotton candy pooch.
She was sleeping on her bed and I poked her.
*yes my dog sleeps on the bed with her own fluff feathery pillow*
hehehe..notti monkey.
she's round and fat coz aparts fr her daily meals,
she also eats wat we consume, snack etc.....

My ex-bf called her "hamburger dog"
not bcoz she likes hamburger, but the mouth looked like one!!! hahaha.
anyway he enjoyed bullying her all the time until she gets mad and cry...
yes my dog can cry.
this belongs to my mom.
but she never cares for him.
So it became my dad's pooch.
and barks like a bitch all the time,
runs like a cockroach,
spoilt like a lil child....
ought to be sent to obedient school like the rotweiler we used to have.

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