Thursday, October 12, 2006

My childhood friend.....Chai

Great!!! After scrumptious japanese dinner with heaps of green tea..
I'm wide awake in the middle of the nite.
With nothing left to do, I blog.

I've known Chai since we were lil gals..*me lil monkey*
where we were in the same "yellow" class in montessori,
I found her very creative then,
with her cute drawings and paintings in crayons.

20 years later,
she still has the cute handwritting...hehehe
everytime when I received a card via post,
I'll know it's fr Chai,
knowing only she has such bubbly fonts.

I still remembered she was the one who helped me,
connecting to the Internet,
setting up my first email account,
how to use and have fun with ICQ,
when monkey wasn't that IT savvy.

Years later,
me in Malaysia,
and you far away in San Diego...

Glad to be in touch with you all this while,
growing up with you,
sharing so much about studies, life, friends, families...

Truly enjoyed tonite's dinner with you and YM.
Hope to see you again.
Do take care when you are back in the States.
Chai & Monkey at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi
YM with Chai outside Kampachi Restaurant
YM had yummy sweet Salmon Teriyaki
While Monkey & Chai had the same bento box we had 15 months ago at the same restaurant on the same predictable!
When I came back,
saw this on my dining table.
Thank you baby, muaks!

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