Monday, July 31, 2006

Ang...angio...angioplasma? ANGIOPLASTY!!!

Last Saturday, hosted a simple dinner for UCP and his companion.
Why simple?
Coz someone just had his A-N-G-I-O-P-L-A-S-T-Y last Tuesday.
I have no idea what it was....but somehow it has got to do with arteries...
Basically, if u have blockage(s) in your arteries, they will implant a foot long device via your groin...OUCH!!!!
then this wire-like thingy will go into your identified blocked artery and blow it up..

UCP joked about his "blow job"...
"it ain't painful...only 45 minutes....just need to recuperate at golf for 2 weeks"
ooooOOooo...sounds alrite to me..
"wait till u see the bill....that's the painful part"

UCP had one blockage and it cost him 26K for that single "blow job"....
So people....lesson learnt, take care of your what u eat...exercise...healthy smoking...less drinking (this applies to me)....
Coz it ain't cheap nor funny when you need to go for a "blow job" like this.

and then, we had a very simple, lite, healthy dinner for him....and less alcohol as well.
so I planned the menu to his liking....he lurves bread, pasta and potatoes...all carbo..tsk tsk tsk..

table setup
grilled juicy bell pepper with smashed garlic, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
sauteed red globe grapes with aragula in balsamic vinegar and apple cider

JS innovated this salad and it has become a permanent feature in our menu already....instead of adding sauteed french figs we substitute it with sauteed grapes...well when u can't get fresh figs in Malaysia, this is what you do... bread!!! crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy's a very fine bread.

I normally timed my bread making so when the guests arrive, they will have hot fresh bread fr the oven.

This loaf for UCP to "ta-pau"..he's a bread freak like me
grilled portobello mushroom with thyme and garlic.....yes it was so good, everyone diggin on it before i can take a nice pic.
while they were having their roasting some potatoes...
roast chard potatoes with rosemary and red chilies
his favourite sweet basil linguine no.11 with sake prawns
we had Moet swarovski looked very christmassy right?
UCP tucking into his pasta

UCP is a successful entrepreneur....and a great mentor to me.
He never stop trying, innovating, always full of enthusiasm....
alwiz with solutions to gain more $$$....
His only son is my age....
UCP pls take care of your health....don't make us worry for u...
Love you always...

Symphony of 4 berries....gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries, one inedible fat cherry here....sprinkled with icing sugar....yum!!
served with vanilla ice cream
not to forget dessert ice wine...

if you think Inniskillin Gold Reserve is superb, wait till you try this baby from France...
it will definitely blow your mind and palate...
its note is not as powerful as Inniskillin *inniskillin has its distinctive signature lychee smell*
but Vouvray's palate is so smooth with a long finish...
no wonder Vouvray is so expensive... DOUBLE the price of Inniskillin Gold Reserve..
reminds me to buy during the next duty free shopping....*no u can't get this in KLIA*

Now you know why dessert is my favourite course all the time....hehehe

Fanny, a bubbly elegant lady
this tai-tai enjoys good life... massive shopping as she goes.
she was about to recruit me to her mahjong gang....

"Big sis Fanny, I have to start work once I get a job"
and I don't play mahjong...never try, never like it, dunno anything about it.

I guess that word "work" did not exist in her vocabulary...


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yummy risotto

"I want risotto for dinner"
"okie... yes.. your royal highness"
so JS made jumbo prawns and green peas risotto
I would say it was good...very good actually..*I knew you want me to say that*

It got to be the stock I said...*coz monkey alwiz made some chicken stock and store in the freezer*'s the grains...and the sake...and the white wines..and the secret technique *which he didn't wanna reveal*
JS brought a bottle of Rockford black sparkling shiraz 2002...
It was the last bottle in his collection...
dunno where to source anymore...
you definitely won't find this in Malaysia nor Singapore...
this bottle was from the Barossa Valley Australia.
I tell ya, it was so good that I didn't wanna finish the whole bottle...
save some for tomorrow

monkey: buy somemore....I like
JS: dunno where to get anymore
monkey: wat?? *pouts*
JS: ok ..OKAY....I will source for it in Australia.
busy texting for supplies...nobody seems to have in their cellars now... :(

Bad customer service....again..

JS: baby...what do u wanna have for brunch?
monkey: chinese
JS: where?
monkey: chinese
JS: ????
monkey: You mood...PMS-ing

So off we went to Shang Palace in Shangrila...for dim sum
Yes, we forgot to make reservation but it was only 11.30 in the morning!!!
"Sorry sir, we couldn't's full"
WTF!!!! There were so many empty tables around....
"Yes, those were reserved ..."
Can u at least try?
"Why don't you try is a very good japanese restaurant in our hotel"'s blarddy expensive...the last time we ate, 3 person for 2.7k...
*well of coz we didn't say this to her*

By this time, I just couldn't be bothered and walked out..
Somehow being their privileged plat member...JS got a table in 2 minutes...
Of coz, apologies were being heard here n there....but is this how you treat your customers?
This shows, you will only "TRY" to serve your customers when they flash the ever important stupid plastic Shangrila platinum card....
I believed that all customers should be treated the same, equal...afterall we are a paying customer...
and hey man....we are giving you business...
So next time, don't find the easy way out coz you were too busy to accomodate us by saying..
"sorry we are full"
the so-called FULL!!! Fools I tell you.

But their food is good, and be assured I won't dine there anymore..
SO as usual...I need my daily at KLCC
me and my latte and him with his cino...damn i lurve his watch

IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot's watch...7 days power reserve and comes with 51110 movement.....*drools*

and today I was wearing my Patek Philippe twenty~4
mine is the 4910 model, white face...ultra thin quartz movement...36 diamonds...stainless steel....*white gold expensive lar*they don't have the white face in the website....only the grey one :(

Ricky told me it's quite hard to find the white face as it's more sought gives the diamond more sparkle compared to the grey face.

Thank you for taking the continous efforts to source this piece for me....after all it's the only piece left in KL. Thank you
Ricky... and you too baby......I love it a lot. :))

This gonna be the favourite watch at the moment...

You DON'T do that!!

" don't do that to your wines!!!
Wine purists will skin you alive..."
After the earlier post, I was escorted to some shops...sigh..

This one,
*I shall not mention its name here for it provides such lousy service that I will not step my foot there anymore*
is one of the sole distributor for home & domestic kitchen appliances...
located in TTDI...they have..
- Liebherr *the brand we were looking for*
- Fisher & Paykel
- Amana
- Teka
- Rubine
- Granitek
- Foster
- Smeg
- Fagor
- Mobel
- Kupperbusch

So back to my point, we were looking for some specific wine chillers...
nothing beyond 3 feet tall...
no glass door *wines store better in the dark* *glass doors are meant for display in restaurants/retails etc*
something avant garde
and will look good together with the sideboard *yet to design*

And this shop just gave farking they couldn't care much
or rather they don't need our business...
we REALLY wanna make purchases there...
I think they are being snobbish...
like I can't afford their products..
hey, I'm giving you a good business lar...I wanna buy not one but TWO chillers..
please's like me begging to buy from can?
duh...really bad service..spoilt my mood :(
So we left...
afterall, there's another shop somewhere...this is a free country.

then at the very last minute, flipped through the magazine and got some addresses...
went to this *not so good looking shop* in Old Klang Road..
their products were extensive..woooahhh..
the moment I stepped in...I lost my plot and myself...
They are sooooo cute!!! I want the pink one till i saw the rest on their website..
Can u stand having a Union Jack refrigerator at home?
hehe..knowing me..the fashion freak...I'll choose this one coz it's so "Paul Smith"

So there..tell me how not to lose the main objective of appliances shopping..
when all these are there, standing proud and tall...and squeak

monkey: I like this one!!
JS: yes it's nice.
monkey: and this one...this is cute...wah...check this out...
JS: baby...we are here to..
monkey: look at eh?
JS: .......................
monkey: I want this!
JS: ...*pulls monkey to the chillers section*...
monkey: ...*monkey wails*....

After much decision making, we got a GLASS door wine chiller...
well two GLASS door wine chillers...coz
there isn't much choice for built-in chillers...well..
I like this model a lot coz it's
1) avant garde design
2) met the height criteria
3) it's very cheap

it does not have the built-in thingy....I can still chuck it into the to-be-made sideboard but at the risk of heating its cooling and vibration fan....and well..ventilation issue of coz.
so we got this one....and hopefully will look like this...with the new to-be made sideboard
nice right?

nevermind bout the glass door looks damn good....solved all my prob.
so we got two of those at a very good price...
it has got two tier temperature for white + champagne, the other for reds..

NOW...time to design the sideboard...

Friday, July 28, 2006

What's inside?

I was reading the Spore's paper and came across an interest section..
Mind your body...
I think it's educative and informative on health related issues.

Then this section attracted me the most
what's in a person's refrigerator...
The journalists will interview celebrities/sportsmanwoman/ppl of fame basically..
so each week one personality will be featured...

Normally they will ask the "standard" questions on what's inside their fridge...
and a picture of coz.... *the pic alwiz has a nice, tidy, fully stocked, attractive, colourful fridge*
and with that person posing proudly with his/her fridge...well..

I think, what's in a person's fridge tells a lot...
Not in a way of palm reading but...
your eating habit
are you a tidy person
and of
*obviously if you stock junkies then that explains*

So I thought of letting you into my fridge this time...
and mind you, it is as "it is"..
no re-planogram,
ain't photoshopped,
no re-organising...
what u see is wat u get..
all the time..
Beer and stout...not for drinking...for making superlicious outta this world bread...scrumptious
a bottle of jasmine green tea..yummy during hot days.
some leftovers...actually a lot of leftovers..
a big pack of miso...i love miso soup and grilled saba with miso...
two bottles of sauvignon blanc...
on the drawer compartment...some herbs *rosemary/thyme/peppermint/parsley*
my favourite basil and lemons...and some indian mangoes..

eggs..lotsa eggs...i love them for breakfast...
some gooey cheese and butter fr Denmark
boxes of yeast for my bread
vanilla pods, fresh cream, sour cream to make dessert,
a bottle of homemade garlic oil for pasta.

milk for cereals, sake for prawns..
a bottle of leftover krug champagne,
cloudy bay, koo young, margaret river's chardonnay...
some cheap white wine for cooking..
and a bottle of Pensfold...still in its wrapper...this one...hmm...need a celebration/occassion to enjoy.
yes my freezer compartment is at the bottom...
looking at them make me wanna grab a spoon and dig those yummy ice cream!!
2 tubs of vanilla, 1 rum & raisin and 2 small tubs of japanese black sesame ice cream... off for my ice cream now...hehehe

ps: so what do u think of my fridge? someone just told me that i'm an alcoholic...hmmm

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You were still in high school then,
and I can't even remember
who said hi first...

but I remembered
I like your quirky way
and you are full of vibrant & fun

and then we grew up,
you in college and me ventured into the cruel cold corporate world,
and now...u too

8 years passed *was it?*
and we are still in contact..
though there's some lack of communication here and there

yes, I know it's my fault...
I'm poor in keeping in touch
but I guess we did put efforts in maintaining our friendship.

Today marked another milestone in our friendship,
for we met up for the 1st time,
after all these years of emails..MSN...

You are even more fun in person :)
Thank you for the great evening,
and a wonderful friendship that we shared,

May all your dreams come true,
as you sail towards your destination,
Best wishes in your new career :)

sorry gals, he's taken by lovely Tanny

smooth sailing connection

It's just slightly past 7 in the morning
this monkey woke up looking like this 0_o

What the heck?!?!

It's pouring outside....nice weather..
go back to sleep monkey
the bed isn't calling
I think i can do better
somehow something in me
felt uneasy, worried..

trying to shake that feeling off...hmph!!

anyway i should learn to wake up much much earlier
hit the gym or
go online this early
when nobody else is using 3G around my area...
or the wireless network....
i'm getting a very fast connection
damn cun i tell ya!
good hour for massive uploads/downloads

last nite, we had dinner in Starhill
after much hesistation, we headed to Tarbush
JS wanted to dine @ Shook!
and monkey craved for lebanese food
guess who won?

their humus is good...however
their "tabouleh" (national lebanese salad)
really "TAK BOLEH"
too dry that I requested more olive oil
the only course i enjoyed the most is the grilled lamb shank
with their signature briyani..

okie time to hit San Francisco for my usual cuppa....later

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chan rak ter...mak mak

"Babe, just couldn't resist getting this for you coz I was thinking of you...."
Tiffany Loving Heart pendant designed by Paloma Picasso

"Baby, do u want matching earrings with your pendant?"

U never failed to make me smile everyday
Thank u for taking care of me..
Appreciate that u can tahan my sluggishness
being so adorable though u are known as Mr. Garang/Terroriser
and the most feared person @ work

nurtured me all this while
polished me to be a "super" corporate person
kept me goin at times i wanna give it life or work
guided me and still guiding me to be as successful as u...
*yes i wanna be like u*

no...i don't want a pair of earrings to go with my lovely pendant
though diamonds are a gal's best fren..
but to me...
u are me best fren
*yes YM u are still my best fren...don't merajuk*
and that's all i need now.... :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Panic Attack

Felt shitty, so popped 2 paracetamols..
konked straight after that..zzzZZZzzz

the familiar sound of my door bell woke me up..

but i was sooo weak..can't even open my eyes...
it's either the drugs or my will..
i guess it's the laziness in me...

this person did not give up..

he rang frantically, knocked n banged on the door...
tried to open it....until this monkey gave up..

ok ok....shoved my comfy sheets n ran to the door..
who in the world is looking for me at this hour..
*it was 1.33 in the afternoon* was the marketing mgr of SENG Group...
gosh Mr Liong was staring at me....eyes wide..panting..
ermm....i think i was dressed decently..
then he breathed and let out a sigh...

"phew..sweat man"
"JS called u so many times n u didn't pick up. He thought something happened so he sent me up"
*ooo...i was zzzz* - felt sorry for him
"ok good, u scared the shit out of us...he was even more worried"

yikes..later i called Liong n apologised to him...
someone is gonna soooooo kena tonite for raising unnecessary alarm.

Here it goes

U may now stop asking...yes S-T-O-P..
I shall bring u to a 'mini' tour of my
pls stop asking already...can?

This is wat u see isn't a big place..but cozy... :)
The table top or watever u call it right after the entrance...
*my* side of the storage
wait till he transfer all his shoes....can open shop i tell ya..
the full length mirror which took so much effort to source.....but i lurve it...match the doors
mr. chan did a very good job :)
The dining area...the table took quite some time to source
i lurve fresh lilies at home all the time....the scent.. :)
the dry kitchen
the gadget that i lurve the most at home....haha....luff all u want.
the ritzenhoff expresso glass, beer glass, champagne flutes..more to come
guest room
another view of the same room
the study room...yet to design the layout..currently the store room...hehe
living hall
i hardly watch the tele... -_-
pretty geberas....
the view fr my balcony
the penthouse
happy kids below
Jalan Tun Razak
now.....the master room
lazy me...yet to unpack
*yawn* i felt like zzZZzzz now
the wardrobe
extreme mess...i need to re-design the storage u satisfied? U betta...