Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yummy risotto

"I want risotto for dinner"
"okie... yes.. your royal highness"
so JS made jumbo prawns and green peas risotto
I would say it was good...very good actually..*I knew you want me to say that*

It got to be the stock I said...*coz monkey alwiz made some chicken stock and store in the freezer*'s the grains...and the sake...and the white wines..and the secret technique *which he didn't wanna reveal*
JS brought a bottle of Rockford black sparkling shiraz 2002...
It was the last bottle in his collection...
dunno where to source anymore...
you definitely won't find this in Malaysia nor Singapore...
this bottle was from the Barossa Valley Australia.
I tell ya, it was so good that I didn't wanna finish the whole bottle...
save some for tomorrow

monkey: buy somemore....I like
JS: dunno where to get anymore
monkey: wat?? *pouts*
JS: ok ..OKAY....I will source for it in Australia.
busy texting for supplies...nobody seems to have in their cellars now... :(

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