Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chan rak ter...mak mak

"Babe, just couldn't resist getting this for you coz I was thinking of you...."
Tiffany Loving Heart pendant designed by Paloma Picasso

"Baby, do u want matching earrings with your pendant?"

U never failed to make me smile everyday
Thank u for taking care of me..
Appreciate that u can tahan my sluggishness
being so adorable though u are known as Mr. Garang/Terroriser
and the most feared person @ work

nurtured me all this while
polished me to be a "super" corporate person
kept me goin at times i wanna give up..be it life or work
guided me and still guiding me to be as successful as u...
*yes i wanna be like u*

no...i don't want a pair of earrings to go with my lovely pendant
though diamonds are a gal's best fren..
but to me...
u are me best fren
*yes YM u are still my best fren...don't merajuk*
and that's all i need now.... :)

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