Monday, July 24, 2006

Panic Attack

Felt shitty, so popped 2 paracetamols..
konked straight after that..zzzZZZzzz

the familiar sound of my door bell woke me up..

but i was sooo weak..can't even open my eyes...
it's either the drugs or my will..
i guess it's the laziness in me...

this person did not give up..

he rang frantically, knocked n banged on the door...
tried to open it....until this monkey gave up..

ok ok....shoved my comfy sheets n ran to the door..
who in the world is looking for me at this hour..
*it was 1.33 in the afternoon* was the marketing mgr of SENG Group...
gosh Mr Liong was staring at me....eyes wide..panting..
ermm....i think i was dressed decently..
then he breathed and let out a sigh...

"phew..sweat man"
"JS called u so many times n u didn't pick up. He thought something happened so he sent me up"
*ooo...i was zzzz* - felt sorry for him
"ok good, u scared the shit out of us...he was even more worried"

yikes..later i called Liong n apologised to him...
someone is gonna soooooo kena tonite for raising unnecessary alarm.

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