Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm Back!!!

Actually, I was back about a week ago....but due to my procastination, I did not find any efforts to blog here. The moment, I touched down, I couldn't wait for the door of the Boeing to open...hahaha...yes the humid and hot air of Malaysia almost crushed my lungs. But of course, nothing else, and I mean nothing can be compared to how I felt at the time I landed. The anticipation of meeting loved ones...well in my case, loved one..

All in all, I had a great weekend shopping, settling down, getting in touched with old friends in KUL and more shoppings for my new place. I love the new place. Practically couldn't wait to move in which is like tomorrow. So tomorrow will be a long day for me with cleaning, dusting, organising and more dusting at the new place....and oh yes, deliveries of the 43'' plasma, fridge and oven.

Last nite, couldn't sleep well after being woken up by the door bell at 12.20am...who in the right mind would do that??? Anyway it was almost a break-in... 2 guys climbed in from the back balcony. It was lucky that nothing this morning JS and I went to the bank to store more valuable items into the safe. Well mostly his babies...

Alrite, more photos should be up later when this monkey is in the mood of it. Currently blogging and having my 2nd round of coffee at SFC..Ok..lunch with Chris in about an hour.......

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