Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bad customer service....again..

JS: baby...what do u wanna have for brunch?
monkey: chinese
JS: where?
monkey: chinese
JS: ????
monkey: You mood...PMS-ing

So off we went to Shang Palace in Shangrila...for dim sum
Yes, we forgot to make reservation but it was only 11.30 in the morning!!!
"Sorry sir, we couldn't's full"
WTF!!!! There were so many empty tables around....
"Yes, those were reserved ..."
Can u at least try?
"Why don't you try is a very good japanese restaurant in our hotel"'s blarddy expensive...the last time we ate, 3 person for 2.7k...
*well of coz we didn't say this to her*

By this time, I just couldn't be bothered and walked out..
Somehow being their privileged plat member...JS got a table in 2 minutes...
Of coz, apologies were being heard here n there....but is this how you treat your customers?
This shows, you will only "TRY" to serve your customers when they flash the ever important stupid plastic Shangrila platinum card....
I believed that all customers should be treated the same, equal...afterall we are a paying customer...
and hey man....we are giving you business...
So next time, don't find the easy way out coz you were too busy to accomodate us by saying..
"sorry we are full"
the so-called FULL!!! Fools I tell you.

But their food is good, and be assured I won't dine there anymore..
SO as usual...I need my daily at KLCC
me and my latte and him with his cino...damn i lurve his watch

IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot's watch...7 days power reserve and comes with 51110 movement.....*drools*

and today I was wearing my Patek Philippe twenty~4
mine is the 4910 model, white face...ultra thin quartz movement...36 diamonds...stainless steel....*white gold expensive lar*they don't have the white face in the website....only the grey one :(

Ricky told me it's quite hard to find the white face as it's more sought gives the diamond more sparkle compared to the grey face.

Thank you for taking the continous efforts to source this piece for me....after all it's the only piece left in KL. Thank you
Ricky... and you too baby......I love it a lot. :))

This gonna be the favourite watch at the moment...

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