Saturday, July 22, 2006

One in a Million

Woke up early and pottered to THE CURVE

launched their new lubes - Sync Gard and the top 12 finalists for One in a Million were there. Don't ask me..coz i did not follow nor watch this new breed of 8TV

Doing the setup early in the morning.....*yawn*

Kay is starting her own dolphin @ work

cheerleaders fr SS17....they were energetic!!

The fanatic crowd cheering

Managed to bump into Dayang Nurfaizah & Farah...they were super friendly..
Guess being a volunteer isn't that bad at all...hehe..

Chris and me

Marcus the DJ

Fitness First did a demo too

went looking around for me
He damn layan & wore super *orange* shirt...hehe

view fr the DJ console...

Assisted Chris managing first...clowns...talentime....
Compared to last year's Msian Idol function..this was waaaayyyy tooo easy to handle...
I had a rough time last year...BUT..
I still lurve event management...hehe...

EVeryone were asking..
"U are back!!"

*yes i am....for good"

"U gained weight"
*yes i @ HK is way too good...*

"U looked great"

"U back with BHP?"

Later, JS took me out for dinner..... :)
Mango Tree @ Bangsar
Rickey Parlanti whipped good food....
He just had another baby....sweet *4th one*

seems to receive VIP treatment everywhere he goes....
even simple places like
San Francisco Coffee at KLCC....
never fail to greet him by his name.

It's a cozy restaurant with less than 20 tables...reservation is a must!!!
However their corkage is only RM38
....super cheap...
Need to bring own wines next time...
We had
Tintara Cab Sauvignon...almost guessed the right year...
I need to drink be able to distinguish the vintage.

yummy mixed bruchetta..

my favourite pasta and grilled kingfish with scallops

as usual, me looking fat & lazy after a good meal

I was disappointed that their apple crumble was not up to my standard....:(
Alwiz looking towards dessert in every meal.

Happy happy today coz met up with so many ex colleagues.
Tired coz I was running around managing events....*phew*
Pain on my throat as I was yelling the whole time...
Thankful that everyone was so helpful.
Appreciative when everyone remembered my dedicated work...since last year.
Touched when someone told me how he remembered my tears the day I left :)
Overwhelmed that ppl are asking me to consider joining back...*which is very unlikely*

Overall it was good and JS
treated me dinner for my hard work...hahaha...
YOU should be there working JS...not me!!! Your whole army were there...*shame on u*

I can feel the alco doin its magic already...need to KONK

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