Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You were still in high school then,
and I can't even remember
who said hi first...

but I remembered
I like your quirky way
and you are full of vibrant & fun

and then we grew up,
you in college and me ventured into the cruel cold corporate world,
and now...u too

8 years passed *was it?*
and we are still in contact..
though there's some lack of communication here and there

yes, I know it's my fault...
I'm poor in keeping in touch
but I guess we did put efforts in maintaining our friendship.

Today marked another milestone in our friendship,
for we met up for the 1st time,
after all these years of emails..MSN...

You are even more fun in person :)
Thank you for the great evening,
and a wonderful friendship that we shared,

May all your dreams come true,
as you sail towards your destination,
Best wishes in your new career :)

sorry gals, he's taken by lovely Tanny

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