Thursday, May 30, 2013

Introducing Miss Poot Poot Poot

oh why....hello there :))))
So you are Miss Poot Poot Poot? Why would ur owner gave u such a silly name?

I know
I KNOW!!!!!
chill....hang on there....a few years ago, I declared my dislike for MINI Cooper but I somehow changed :P People changes all the time....I used to "deteste" Bordeaux wines and now...Look at me??? Who would have thought I went to Bordeaux and learnt so much about it?

and NOW a MINI COOPER?????
hahahaha sometimes I do surprise myself huh? I guess most of the time.

While I alwiz surprised myself....JS surprised Monkey with her birthday pressie :)))))
heeeeeeeeeeeee I know...I'm a super duper lucky gal...tee hee hee....

Once we were back from France....Miss Poot Poot Poot sat next to Mr. M downstairs the basement parking lot. Oh well, minus the ribbons though I alwiz wanted ribbons on my pressies all the time. When JS gave me a bicycle last year, it came with ribbons too...oh yeah that I have yet to blog.

If u were wondering what happened to Miss Alpine, she was sold back in October 2012 and got replaced by Mr. M....another mean machine. Yes I have yet to blog about him....will find time...will do....must do....-_-"

So Miss Poot Poot Poot looked so small next to Mr. M....she's at least half the size, half the height, half the engine capacity but double the cuteness and fun!!!!!!

when it comes to preference and selection with JS, u don't have to worry....He alwiz has it and sometimes it worries me :P

Miss Poot Poot Poot is a limited edition of MINI Cooper S Bayswater. A British inspired MINI design. The sales person told me in this color there's only a few in Malaysia....okie...if I do find more than 7 in this color...u'll know I'll come to u.

The signature Royal Mailbox on its bonet with limited ed colored stripes....only the Cooper S has this royal mailbox hole because its roaring furious engine is Turbocharged....yeah I know...for such a small's really fast!!!

with its limited specially designed 17" sandblast alloy wheel rims. It's oso high gloss u know??? I was happy like a bimbo bcoz it's wearing gloss just like my lip gloss...
*twirls in happiness*

So for a limited edition car, it needs to have its own uniqueness. The stripes design on its side mirrors were grey on the left and blue on the right.

everytime when Monkey stepped onto Miss Poot Poot Poot, she's being reminded that this is a Bayswater edition.....Yeah it was inspired by a district in West London.
Oh yeah Bay-Bey!!!! soooo austin powers :P

From the 5 series to this MINI Cooper S....parking needed adjustments.
I was very very careful with Mr. M all the time bcoz of its length and width...and now with Miss Poot Poot Poot....ahhahahah no issue...I can park anyway anyhow easily. This car is really meant for women. :P

Though it's compact, it can still fit 4 people. But usually I ride on my own with my 8 pairs of shoes at the back so no issues.

the interior blew my mind....
I didn't expect such space inside a compact and tiny car.

the limited edition comes with Piano Black dashboard and its signature Blue and Brown stripes. Really luxurious for such a tiny car. Me LOVE!!!!

its exclusive anthracite leather seat with a Tag just like those on your t-shirt to remind u again that it's a Limited Edition Bayswater.

yes Double twin exhaust's Cute Ferociousness hahahahhaha

hmmm why name her Miss Poot Poot Poot? a cute silly car like this deserves a name that matches it. In terms of handling, I needed adjustments and getting used to. MINI Cooper is designed to handles like a go-kart and they are not kidding, believe you me.

Its steering wheel is precise, short and sharp. As in if u wanna go left/ just changes so precise I am afraid the brain is too slow to digest. Pickup is fast...too fast it surprises me and other cars on the road....yea who said MINI don't have torque ? 0km to 100km in under 6.9 seconds. Sometimes it scares me...

Prollie I've been driving bulky cars :P
only complaint, it's too bouncy.....and MINI representatives assured me this is how it was designed...just like the original MINI.

It's a statement and unique car. I LURVE it!!! Now I need to find time to pimp her up coz MINI is really good in selling their kits and after-sales. There's so many accessories u can add on to make her more beautiful!!! Now I need to find/create a unique design for her roof....wat do u think? I don't think I want a UK flag :P

Thank you JS!!!! I lurve Miss Poot Poot Poot so much :))))
U may also drive her upon my approval bcoz I know u've been eye-ing her every morning when u retrieve ur car at the basement.....hahahahahaha.

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Chasing Food Dreams said...

aw.. what a pressie!! you lucky gal....I can imagine you drifting her now... hehehe

what's gonna happen to Mr. M now? :)

Anonymous said...

Waa...congrats for owning such awesome car..Poot Poot Poot.. ^_^
You are such a lucky girl!
Ohh..ya...urs is this color? Very niceeee ;-)

licheng said...

Waiting for you to take me for a ride in Ms.Poot Poot Poot! Vroom vroom..

Sunny Matahari said...

Hey Cherry, was it you at Prego this afternoon? I was there for lunch and I think I saw you... unless my eyes were playing tricks on me :P

but I was with a client, and thus, couldn't go over to say, "Hi Cherry, I read your blog!" Tsk tsk :)

Anyways, what a coincidence :)

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Thank you :)) Mr. M is still being used as weekend car...hehehe

Melissa: Yes the limited Bayswater is only available in this Blue or Black or Grey. :))

Kindy Chai: yup! when u are back in Malaysia, u'll definitely get a ride...hehehe

Sunny Matahari: Thank you for dropping by at the blog. Sorry it wasn't mean and your eyes did really play tricks on you coz I was in Singapore last week :))) But if we do "meet/bump" into each other, please say Hi yea!!!