Monday, May 13, 2013

We are back home :)))))

After weeks of adventure, we are now back home
Yes I know, a lot of dusting needs to be done at this blog. Never before it has been abandoned for so many weeks :P Sorry my bad :(((((

so this time around JS and Monkey the globe trotters traveled down to the Aquitane region, about south west of France to the wine capital of the world Bordeaux. Frankly speaking we are not Bordeaux wines drinkers, more of Burgundy. Yes I know our palates are terribly spoilt. But nothing is complete without a visit here.

I guess after this educational trip, we will appreciate Bordeaux wines even more. Monkey used to only drink bordeaux wines that are OLDER than her....well now that we have sourced more exciting wines, we know wat to get without burning our pockets :))) oh damn we should be in this industry. I know :P No wine companies in KL wanna hire me...I've tried. >.<

The above pic wasn't taken from the web....JS stood there waiting for the right moment, the right lights/sun, the right number of vehicles and human beings before clicking on his shutters. He was there when the sun rises, at noon time and also when the sun sets. HAHAHAHA, he's really a fanatic so I'm not surprised when I wake up to empty sheets next to me. At least I know he's out there photographing something exciting for this blog.

Then from Bordeaux we traveled up to the City of Lights - Paris.
so the pics should be taken at nite with all the luminations. The above was taken at dusk facing the Louvre.

Now that we are back, you will be rest assured with something to read every weekdays with your cuppa early in the morning...hehehehehehe

I m glad to be home too. Missed my cars, my home, my food and my work :)))) though my desk is now full of paperworks, documents, parcels, books and unopened stuffs.

Have a lovely week ahead peeps!!! I'll sure be enjoying mine :)))))

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