Monday, April 22, 2013

Sexay Back Maggie's last Fling before the Ring

Preparations were underway weeks in advance. We even had to lock the dates like a few months in advance, yes just for the Hen's Nite. The Bride To Be was chauffeured for the "costume" fitting. All the other accessories were put in together...

Sexay Back Maggie was really unhappy that she's gonna be a Sexay Nurse on her Hens' nite

Sexay Back: "OKAYYYY, those that are soon to be married especially next year.....U ALL WAIT OK!!!! YOUR TURN WILL COME!!!!"

oh yes I do believe in Karma.....:P

Hot Mama Thevi prepared Vodka shots jelly
those fruits were sitting in Vodka for hours and the jelly has got very high alcohol contents as well. U planning to get us drunk or the Bride to be drunks???

Anyway no alcohol for Monkey that nite coz she was still coughing her lungs out. I was seriously in URGENT NEEDS of a SEXAY NURSE attention that nite...

The so called "Doraemon" box for the Bride to Be....
condoms for sale, her prescriptions, her syringes, weird looking straws with male sex anatomy on it. Think we should call it her First Aid Kit Box instead :P

After the dinner and first few rounds of drinks, we got her to change..
Sexay Back Maggie was so NERVOUS with no appetite to eat and drink. But she downed a few shots for courage to do this....

The other ladies who met her at the toilet were wishing her Good Luck with the Hen's Nite.
Ladies: "OMG izzit ur Hen's Nite?"
Sexay Back Maggie: "Don't worry!!! Your turn will come too!!!"

U like her Costume??? WE LURVE IT!!!
coz it's all prepared in-house by her girlfriends!!!...hahahahahaha

After all our prepping-her-up works....our dearie Nurse is ready for her "roundings"
Presenting Nurse Bobo..or Nurse Vichelle......whichever......

Nurse Bobo attending to Beautiful CS
Which part of u needing attention????
Here??? Here??? or over there???

U see, Nurse Bobo is very very hard at work
Hot Mama Thevi said she's not feeling so well after all her jelly shots!!!
woman!!! u made some really wicked and evil Vodka Jelly shots OK!!!! it's pure 100% alcohols.

Devigaga who flew in just for the occasion said she needed her monthly breast check-up
No worries, that's provided by Nurse Bobo as well!!!

Nurse Bobo then proceeded with her prescription of a HUGE SYRINGE of Vodka!!!
She's damn good with her syringe...precise and accurate!!! and she operates it with only one hand.

Poor Devigaga, think she was misdiagnosed, now she's being hospitalised for real!!! Get well soon Babe and good luck with the surgery!!!!

Sweet Devil Rachel needed some implant on her boobs...
No problem!!! Nurse Bobo to the rescue!!!

From Sweet Devil Rachel's expression, that must be a painful shot!!!!
Devigaga was peeking at Nurse Bobo sexay legs and bum bum!!!

Vic is very very terrified of needles but she wanted boobs implant as well!!!!!
wah Nurse Bobo has got this really EVIL looks on her face...SCARY!!!

Soon her boobs implant is so popular with the Sal receiving her treatment with Nurse Bobo on her lap...kekekekekeke

"Hey Nurse Bobo!!! It's NOW my turn.....come here!!!!! I am in serious need of URGENT medical attention.......u coughs."
Nurse Bobo: "Oh let me give u a snog so it will go away!!!"

In the end Sharoness gave Nurse Bobo a few spanks for misbehaving...
"U are one Notti Nurse!!!"

sorry there were tonnes of pics of Nurse Bobo curing so many many men hahahaha
but all censored...nothing to be uploaded here...kekekekeke
I didn't know it's so easy to earn money this way :P just prescribing vodka shots and condoms with some minor checkups.

so ladies, if u are planning a Hen's Nite for your friend...the costume as a Sexay Nurse sure works...kekekekeke. Now I really look forward to the day Sexay Back Maggie walks down the aisle with Shy Chatwin :))))

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