Monday, April 08, 2013

2013 Resolutions: Warm Chocolate Fondant

Fancy some really nice dessert that's EASY PEASY to prepare?
Trust me, again and again if this Monkey can prepare can you :))))

Last month, JS flew himself to Singapore for a Masterclass with Chef Nicolas Joanny. It was his BIRTHDAY pressie from J&J James and Jelina :)))) How sweet :))) I guess this is the kinda birthday pressie for JS.

Chef Joanny hailed from Southern France, trained in various Michelin Starred restaurant. His journey begun in all these words just clicked!!! Burgundy and french food, michelin stars etc :)))))

So once back from his class, he couldn't wait to teach Monkey what he had learned. With all his detailed notes, as though he's building the next Pyramid -_-" with diagrams and charts and more notes.

yesterday Monkey was taught to make this wonderful easy dessert by my Masterchef JS....hahahaha.
You start by heating the oven at 180*C
weigh 100gm of Valhorna Caramelia Chocolates
JS got 3kg!!!!! we can make and sell wuahahahahahhaha

Same goes for this...
100gm of Valhorna Guanaja Chocolates

200gm of Praline paste....
apparently praline paste consist of hazelnut, almond and sugar.....
it smelled like peanut butter...I think I can use this as some spread for my bread...coz we definitely can't finish this ....errr 11kg of pralines??? ELEVEN KILOS???
Hello JS, this is home...not boulangerie!!!
It's as big as a bucket of paint
Okie now who fancy some chocolate and praline body spa at my home??

Mix all the chocolates, pralines with 250gm of unsalted butter and melt them in bain marie. Basically over a hot water bath.

The above pic was the final product after melting them over a water bath. Your container must not touch the water when doing this. You are merely using the steam of the water bath to melt these delicate chocolates, pralines and butter to give you a velvety texture. Over heating them can cause them to be grainy.

Remember, slow and strong heat....
If only JS can apply this to his temper.....slow and easy, no strong heat. KEKEKEKEKEE.

Next, prepare the Sabayon....very very easy peasy
7 whole eggs + 8 egg yolks
so technically that's like 15 eggs!!!! Wua wua wua

Add in 150gm castor sugar but we adjusted it to 165gm, up to your liking for the sweetness of your dessert. First test run wasn't that sweet so we just added 10% more sugar.

Whisk it for a few minutes until triple in volume and the mixture became pale yellow in color. It should be foamy and fluffy and soft. This is the best nothing and let KitchenAid do all the hardwork....Kreng Kreng Kreng Kreng Kreng~~~~~~~

Sift 165gm of flour and slowly fold into the sabayon mixture in batches...
slow and steady

Look at my muscular arms and hands.....
all thanks to lifting heavy plates, washing dishes pots and pans and more Le Creuset pots and pans. Even the KitchenAid glass bowl is pretty heavy u know :P

Once the flour and sabayon have been incorporated....slowly fold in the melted chocolate praline mixture....again in batches

Slow and steady......lalalalalalalalalala
hmmm I lurve the tiles in my wet kitchen :)))))

You will also need to prepare your molds or ramekins earlier...
Slightly butter the sides and bottom of your ramekins, not too much...just enough to coat some flour in....and for some fun in the kitchen....after you have buttered them, put some flour into it, use another buttered ramekins to cover the top and Shake-a-bom-bom both the ramekins....

According to Chef Joanny, this way you will achieve evenly floured surface. Well it's true and I'm gonna use this technique from now onwards.

Here we used the smallest size ramekins.
Pour the mixture all the way until about 1/2 cm from its rim/top.

Bake at the same temperature of 180*C at a precise 9 minutes.
The baking time varies depending on the size of your molds

Once out, let it rest for about a minute inside its molds, and you will see that it shrink slightly off its sides. Use a clean sharp knife to separate it further from its side. Put your serving plate on top, and invert....

just a few tap or no efforts at all, it will land beautifully on your serving plate.
Serve with vanilla ice cream or any flavours of your choice.

The middle should be soft and runny like the above.......
oh yummmmssssss
lurve the portion and size 

Easy isn't it????

Now I am waiting for Chef JS to impart more knowledge from his Masterclass to me :)))) hehehehehe. He said if only I behave....ohhh ok...then u cook I'll just eat.

Tonite Monkey is conducting a Masterclass of her soft fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake @ home for a friend :))))
Again, after much trial and modifications I now have another new recipe for this cake...muahahahaha....will update soon and my old version of recipe will soon be obselete. Oh this is even faster than my computer antivirus updates :P
*Read about the Version 1.4 Pandan Chiffon Cake here*
Happy Monday folks!!!


Chasing Food Dreams said...

made this quite often but your recipe is slightly different from mine, I didnt beat the egg separately but just crack it directly into the batter... let me try yours... I m sure it is fluffy and lighter than mine!! drools....

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: This was my first time. If you tried this and yours is lighter please share with me :))) TQ in advance.

Christine said...

oh, saw the caramelia choc..i missed them so much..and the praline paste..can i ask where JS got it from? At Msia supplier?

CHER-RY said...

Hello Christine, hope you are well. You may buy them from classic fine foods.