Thursday, April 04, 2013

We survived Lesson 1 *yaaayyy*

Last nite was our first lesson at Talent Hub dance studio
a few weeks ago, we planned this.....if we gonna lose some weight....we gonna do it the fun way :))))) right? agree?

Sexay Back Maggie found us a place to do this privately with a really good and patience dance teacher :)))))) yeah with us, any coach teacher motivator instructor will need to have patience, and lots of it.....

The 3 tai-tais had no problem getting to the studio....the name says it...tai-tais don't have to work. Notti Monkey dashed and rushed through the KL manic jam to this place which was only 10 km away but it took me 1.5 hours to get there.

I guess the town was in manic after the parliament was dissolved. Either they are happy or just running helter skelter....but I noticed too many traffic lights were not working yesterday and this morning with no police traffic at all on the road!!!!!!! O.O!!!!!
Is this some new tactics to create havoc in the city??? anyway.........

Talent Hub has got plenty of classes from the sexy Burlesque, contemporary, salsa, fly Yoga, latin american, jazz, pole dancing, social ballroom....oh the list is endless!!!!

and to lose weight we needed something energetic, fast, FUN..basically needs a lot of movements...and so here we are...Jazz Mania.

yeah...I know...we are so lame....we enrolled into this class without any knowledge of Jazz Mania, its origins, influence and genre....-_-"

Sharoness bidding goodbye the Queen's way, Sexay Back Maggie must be frying kuey teow with one hand, Beautiful CS posing for the Next Top Model show and Monkey showing that she has got 10 perfect fingers!!!!

Our instructor Sensual Viv was shaking her heads and commented "U ladies are super posers!!! If only u can score better in your dance."

We were soo sooooo sooo super lucky to have Sensual Viv as our instructor. The top ten finalist for So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia S2, represented Malaysia in Hollywood *yeahh Hollywood baybey!!* in the World Championship of Performing Arts. With so many accolades hanging on her wall...u'll be amazed at how down to earth she she's so so so very FUN!!! but the highest plus point was she's so patience!!!!!! esp with US!!!! Trust me....we are really a bunch of unbearable irritating group of students!!!!

Lesson 1 was already so tough!!!
We were taught so many different sets I can't even remember them now -_-
at the end we were taught to somersault-roll on the floor

Monkey: "Are we at the wrong class???? this is Level 1 for beginners Lesson number one right?"
Sensual Viv: "It's easier than u think....look.....lift your legs and hips up....roll to your cheek and DONE!!!!"

All of us O.O
Sensual Viv: "Okie now 5 6 7 8  and go!!!"

We had trouble lifting our bums up, not to mention the entire buttocks and the energy to lift our body up to turn it the other way around
Sensual Viv came over and push my buttocks over
Sensual Viv: "Okie class now do this 5 times before u can go home!!!"

I cheated...I did in 0.5 somersault-roll and declared it's done and went home
:P told ya I'm a notti monkey
But I'm still looking forward to our next lesson :)) woohoooo

If you are interested to enroll into other genre of classes, do check out their website

Talent Hub, Multi Arts Centre,
19-2 Prisma Ville,
Jalan 19/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 6016 285 8353


Anonymous said...

LOL!! You gals really had a good time.
This is fun...after the long hours at work.

neil said...

Dancing is a GREAT way to work out! Bravo, Bee Ree :X

CHER-RY said...

Thanks ladies!!!
yup good to de-stress this way with lots of laughter and company of good friends :)))

Happy Friday!!!