Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chateau Rauzan-Segla 350th Anniversary

To commemorate Rauzan-Segla's 350th anniversary in 2011, a special edition of margaux was launched in 2009. Yes it takes about 2 years to bottle the wines.....good things need to wait...most wines needed to be aged in barrels before the bottling process anyway. So I calculated the vintage...350 years old so they started in 1661!!!!!!!

Karl Lagerfeld....the LEGEND....or at least my LEGEND...wuahahahaha sketched the label for this special edition. It's the sketch of Chateau Rauzan-Segla with his signature on it.

Karl Lagerfeld is the legend coz he's everything in fashion
with his notable black glasses and trademark white hair...he's really good looking. :))))
at 79, he never stops working....still the head of creative for Chanel and Fendi plus his own label. He shots all of his advertising campaign himself.

I highly admire him for his passion in whatever he does....though this man did come with tonnes of controversies on his back, he's still my idol. I had a chance to meet him in Paris a few months ago at his Little Black Jacket Exhibition but......sigh let's not dwell into missed opportunities. So folks never ever skip/miss opportunities because they only come once.
Sensing how much I am in love with Karl Lagerfeld, JS bought me this limited collection of wines......I was a happy a gal again :)))))))

Thing about JS is.....he usually buys things that he enjoys as he bought me timepieces, wines and my KitchenAid.......wuahahahaahaha. JS when can u buy me some killer stilettos??? He share no joy and appreciation for killer shoes.....afterall according to's not a good sign to buy shoes for your partners.....

Okie and to show me how much he appreciates wines and Karl Lagerfeld....He BOUGHT....

He bought MONKEY the huge damn crate!!!!!

oh Thank you thank you thank you thank you
I can't express how much I love them :))))))))
it's such a young wine at 2009...let's age these babies for another 15 more years. :)))))

Now they are sitting quietly in the cellar at home
waiting for another well-deserving celebration :)))))


js said...

Btw chateau Rauzan Segla is owned by the Chanel family :))

CHER-RY said...

Good and important point that I've missed you. Thank you for reminding :)