Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lovely Sunday Surprise :))))

a lovely pot of Fuchsia orchid, my favourite color
I can't believe it, at this age I still got conned at times, or maybe I am just too naive at times. But that also depends on who. Especially from BCBG Amy

she called and informed that she's just around the corner and would like to return my cookie jar. And guess what I was baking at that time.....so I thought GREAT!!! I can pass more cookies to her. KEKEKEKEKEKEKE.....

when I got down to see her, she was gleaming with a wide smile. Me in a mess with flour on my hair and face *I think* and smelt like errrrr cookies? hahahahhahaaha

of coz I was surprised, she drove all the way to send me my birthday gift. Thank you my dear!!!! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! now I'll learn to care for this beautiful plant....

Our very first plant @ home :))))
we gonna give her a name soon :)))) hehehehehehehe

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