Friday, May 17, 2013

La Tupina, Bordeaux France

How do u like such setting for dinner?
felt like Snow White is cooking something rustic and yummy for the dwarfs huh?
Chicken roasting at the fire place, Marbled Beef slabs on top as well, with more fresh meat and fresh vegetables...

La Tupina was highly recommended by friends who've visited Bordeaux. Even celebrity chef Rick Stein highly recommended it. These days we have avoided certain food critics and reviewers after their much bias and marketing comments. I guess at the end of the day, just trust the palate of friends who are similar to yours :)))))))

So we arrived on time and hung our coats
Guess which one was Monkey's prize for guessing it right though.
and hanging there was JS's Goyard bag. It isn't a new Goyard, he got it a few months ago in Paris. This trip there wasn't anything exciting at Goyard though Monkey offered to buy him the new color in Grey. Hehehehehe saved my pocket for a bit but I burnt more buying my own bags. Now I gotta eat AIR and rely on free meals for the next 2 months....*sad look*

on the wall next to each table, hung beautiful painting by artist/artists
I forgotten to ask the names. There's plenty of beautiful arts sold in Bordeaux and also Switzerland. Just that it's so difficult to carry them home. Plus my bank account isn't in good numbers to invest in Art yet. Too many things to buy.

We got a cozy corner with nice paintings too!!!!
Anyway this place requires reservation in advance.......I know right. For such a rustic restaurant, who would have thought??

This fire place actually faces the main entrance. The moment u step in, the smell of meat roasting over the wood fire just engulfed the entire place. Just like a virus, it spreads so quickly into your nostril right to your stomach....wuahahahahaha

There's a lil gadget used here, it's not a new gadget but more of an ancient one used. It's a mechanism with wheels, pulley system and weight. Something like a clockwork. Hey actually the very first clock works on the same system with weight at the bottom. So this pulley system automatically turns the rod that's holding the chicken.

All of our eyes just laid on this beautiful chicken roasting there.
Okie not all, maybe except JS who's not a fowl person.

3 of us in unison: "I am soooo gonna order that chicken!!!!"
JS was like oh no......I've booked a chicken place....I should have checked :((

Other mise-en-place were also on the wooden table with rustic tins
nice right???? so trattoria style

Wine menu
can't remember if this place has got an english menu or not but the head staff does speak English. But I guess it is essential to know the basic ingredients in local language wherever u go to.

We were discussing what to order coz the 3 of us can't be eating the same thing right?

Monkey:"I'll take the chicken, u take something else!!"
Prince C: "NO I want to eat the chicken!!!"
I Ching: "I also wanna eat chicken......."
JS -_-"

As we were having our parliamentary meeting on who deserves that dish of chicken, a plate of cured ham and sausages with pickled vegetables laid in front of us....No on touches it. Too busy only JS was chomping on it happily...

We alwiz leave the hard work to JS to do....
check the entire winelist and order what deserved to be drunk that evening.
JS has got vast knowledge in terms of wines, maker, terroir, produce, and pricing.
He knows the historical pricing as well. We just know how to drink and appreciate. So we are alwiz rest assured we get to drink outstanding wines under his "guidance". This way we can just concentrate on ordering our own food.

Soon our starters arrived.....carpaccio of beef
fresh, simple and really super yummy. Ate till we were almost fighting.

JS had really huge white asparagus
it's in season. I had it almost everyday in Switzerland, so by the time we were in France, I guess I had enuff of it.

I had egg cocotte
Not just any egg cocotte but with chunks of foie gras inside!!!!!!
OMG so sinful and so nice.

This place is really homely, that's why I said it's like a trattoria.
I lurve places like this, it reminded me of Italy :)))))))))

Our main course came.....this was JS's main of slow roasted on the wood fire BLACK PIG
it looks good eh? I didn't try it *u know why* but he said it's really really extremely good.
The last excellent black pig I had was at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London.

so simple and so so so good
served with its own juice that dripped down during the roasting process

The other dish was the slow roast Duck and basted with its own FAT
Look at its pretty crispy skin!!!! equally as good as the chicken

Hand cut chips fried in DUCK FAT!!!
it's not the type of crispy chips but full of flavour with specks of Aquitane sea salt.

Canele was originated from Bordeaux
JS wrote the history about it sometime ago, and also his painful process of making them

Creme Caramel was done perfectly
forgot to snap pic of its inside coz we were too bz indulging innit

can never get enough of it. It's so yummy and different from the ones we had in this part of the world.

We even bought back their Cooking Book as souvenir...
but it's in French so I have a duty to do, to decipher them for JS...
errr it's gonna take a very very long time my dear...pls have some patience.

Highly recommended restaurant. If you are into offal and spare parts and game meat. This is the place to be, just that we were so engrossed in their roast chicken, we didn't order any of it. Anyhow I am not a fan of spare parts.

La Tupina

6, Rue Porte de la Monnaie,
Bordeaux, France.
Tel: +33 (5) 5691 5637


licheng said...

really cozy, does really feel like snow white & 7 dwarfs setting.

CHER-RY said...

hahahah yes and we were the dwarfs :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

gorgeous meal, glad to see all yr drooling posts again... missing it earlier... ;)