Friday, August 24, 2012

Block Block Block Me please!!!!

Color Block that is....

Last nite, the roomies were chatting on recent purchases
they had been crazy over beautiful dresses they got off the internet
shopping online is a joy...just click click here n there
and the next thing, your purchases arrive right under your nose

Monkey had been quiet....BUSY at work
Roomies were not convinced that I did not purchase anything last week
*does it look like I buy things every single week?*
and finally I had to confessed
"Okie I got a pair of u go..."
Nee Lee: "I think u've got something similar in blue and green recently, didn't you?"
alzheimer ME took 10 seconds to register...oh yea...that new pair of shoes
*read about it here*
but that was so last month...-_-

has bag addiction now turned to some other form of addiction?
oh no~~~~~~
Speaking about bags...U.HAVE.NO.IDEA. how i suffered last week when I was at Celine's boutique. The resistance and determination not to flip out my credit card for that beautiful bag.
sigh....I promised myself I will do better -_-
*looks at self with deep remorseful feelings*

to justify that pair of shoes...I had to explain myself to my dearie Roomies
"oh I need a pair of shoes to match with the new head bands I bought recently"
there was a long pause.....
I knew wat were they thinking
Sorry Nee Lee, Mee Mee and Shell Shell
I am such a disappointment when it comes to spending less and saving more
then I showed more pics of my purchases
they lurve the head bands and had to agree that the shoes matches well with these lovely beauties

Monkey beaming with happiness
I dunno why I alwiz need ppl to concur my purchases

so from Color Blocking I need to either block my mind not to shop anymore or just block my damn card. Which is better?

shoes from NewLook
headbands from Sereni & Shentel
Disclaimer: And if you DID shop from either NewLook or Sereni & Shentel after reading this post, it is entirely not my fault. I am definitely not poison :D:D:D


neil said...

Both the set of headbands and the shoes are gorgeous! Good buy, I would say :D

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Nee Lee for being so supportive :)))))