Monday, December 08, 2008

Sage with A.A Gang

only got the menu on the day itself,
spells how secrective it was...
but we know we are in good hands.

when Maitre'd Jason called
Miss Monkey was busy shopping at Mr. BOSS
lookin for a men's clutch bag.

Maitre D Jason: "Hi Ms Cherry. How are you? Is everything ok?"
"Ooooo I belum check the menu that u emailed....*ouch*"
Calzone was a big hit that nite
I dare not touch any to accommodate the food later.
we had it refilled 3x
-_-" glutonsssssssss
a dollop of good balsamic vinegar on extra virgin olive oil
freshly diced tuna with egg yolk
we like the "umami" taste
the 5th basic taste, umami means savory in japanese
JS blinded all of us with this
Cyril Henschke 1979
1st bottle already kena conned
but it was totally mind blowing
hmmmm thanks for being so thoughtful coz miss monkey only drink bordeux older than her
Magaki oyster with konbu water jelly
how do u turn a blackish konbu to white clear jelly?????
oysters were gulped down with Krug 96
only God of Eatery Mr Lee Hong got this right.
seared foie gras with Ampo Persimmon
dun ask me wat's an Ampo...but this dried and yet moist persimmon came fr Japan.

see didn't I tell u that Chef Takashi makes the best foie gras in town??
Confit of Madai with tarakshirako and truffle jus
the fish was awesome, didn't like the truffle coz I'm not a truffle person
but the tarashirako was a killer
coz it was...
it was...
gah gah gah!!!

I happily gave my portion to happy Munchy munching away.
Happy Munchy presented a beautiful Saint Julien 1982
errrr for his....erm...lateness???
which will be remembered and embedded into our brains.
grilled wagyu beed with fine beans and yuzukoshu
the mushroom was fantastic!!!
beef was perfectly grilled........

"what's this yuzukoshu??"
and it was later presented onto the table
concoction of yuzu zest and chili peppers
looked innocent eh??
hell NO!!!
Clos de la Roche 1993 needed some time~~~~~~
Si Fu is looking more jap & zen nowadays..
I dun blame your relatives though.
Hai! Wakarimasu.
fr right to left forgot which is which.
>_< hmmm fedellini pasta with lamb and piment d'Espelette
it was quite gamey for a few
I'm not a fan of lamb anyway but the pasta's texture was fantastic with "bites"
Happy Munchy and Petite Wei Nee
thank u for the dinner!!!
I think 10x more of this dinner oso not enuff for your redemption lar..
hiak hiak hiak.
Monkey & Si Fu
Bagaholic Tracie couldn't make it
I hope u had a blasting birthday celebration for the past week(s)
sitting cozy together were Amy Q & God of Eatery
God of Eatery carries a huge Nikon for all Makan session
-_- pengsan
the J&J brand
JJ Jelina & JJ James
matching smiley eyes
matching smiles
really a matching couple
Another couple *ahem*
who goes shopping together,
cooking together,
shares recipes together-gether,
email/sms each other every 2 minutes
*Am I jeles? naaah!!!*

I present u Ivory Si Fu and Ebony JS
they say opposite attracts. :D
my beau :)))
God of Eatery says "It's HAWT in here!!!"
No worries, desserts are on their way.
Mango sorbet with passion fruit
didn't like the passion fruit bit coz it was too sourish
but the best has got to be the Grape Granitas
*smacked lips*
crispy almond cream roll with Tasmanian cherries and vanilla ice cream
God of Eatery pushed all his big huge yummylicious cherries away
and donated em to Monkey.
heheheh tq ar!!
that nite we were slow drinkers....
this A.A *Alcoholic Anonymous* gang is getting more LCLY
no more KRUG Grand Cuvee
even Dom Perignon...only rose
Double Adui!!!
JJ Jelina & JJ James over my burg glass
then God of Eatery attempted the never been done before at SAGE
down on his bended knees and said:
God of Eatery: "Chef Takashi.....Will you...will u cook for me again????"

neh, that didn't happen...he was actually busy snapping
Chef Takashi's beautiful spanking white CLOGS fr France
everyone: "WAAAAHHHHHHH"
sweets for my sweet
JS, Monkey, Chef Takashi, Petite Wei Nee, Happy Munchy, Amy Q, Si Fu, JJ James, JJ Jelina, God of Eatery

the ladies:" The Chef is sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!"
oooooo aaaaaa oooooo aaaaaaa coooooooooo
ok he's not gonna come out fr his kitchen anymore.

we took erm like 30 minutes to get him out.
anyway thank u so much Chef for saying HI,
we had a blast with your creations....
totally awesome!!!
JS's limited ed Audermars Piguet Alinghi collection
it's 10.30 and the A.A gang decided to proceed to PJ 222 for hokkien mee

*gulped* spare me folks!!!

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar
Level 6, The Gardens Residence,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268 1328


Anonymous said...

wa lao, GOE! what a tag.. :p

Chef Takashi was great. We love to meet Chef and suffice to say this was the first time I have gotten down on my kness to pay homage! haha..

Love the Ham Chim Peng!

boo_licious said...

How interesting, we were also at Sage that nite, but outside, as there was too many of us to sit in the room! Am sure the other bloggers will be doing posts on this too..

Anonymous said...

GOE.....i think that suits you 101%% even the fei poh at kuchai lama was a bit worried with your professional looking camera!! they knew that had to be at their best lastnite....haha!! the real JS!

CHER-RY said...

GOE: We didn't expect u to bend down on your knees with your Nikon!!! Don't scare the Chef next time kay.

boo_licious: Really????? Then u should have seen us walking up and down trying to snap a pic of Chef Takashi working. It was difficult coz he was so shy. :P

I hope u and your gang had a smashing time too.:)

Real JS: He's truly a "sek saan". I can't think of a better name for GOE.

Anonymous said...

It is all a lie!!!

eh... what is JS, Jinseng? :p

Btw, with the kind permission of Notti, please drop by here for a quick view of Sage that I took.

Anonymous said...

alamak, forgot the link..

fatboybakes said...

wow, what an awesome feast. how come yours looks better than ours???!!! (jealous!) we were at the same place, outside with the rakyat.
maybe that's why yours looks better than ours huh! hahaha. awesome blog. definitely ppl who know how to eat.

CHER-RY said...

GOE: lies?? but but...the pics kenot lie wor...JS = his chinak name

fatboybakes: U were with masak-masak izzit? Bloggers gathering??