Wednesday, December 31, 2008


that was more than 2 weeks ago,
monkey waiting for her limo with all the BAGSSSS

if u travel with Emirates...
they provide complimentary pick up service fr home to airport
and also at the next destination...
basically all your limo services fr home to airport....airport to hotel/accommodation
are well taken care of.the travel agent couldn't reserve the window + aisle seats
as it was a full FULL FULLY booked flight
*i should say overbooked flight*

but.....but....we made reservation 3 months ago :(((('s pitch black out there...
i won't be able to see a thing.

Monkey couldn't zzZZZzzz
but her travelmate slept like a LOG
so I watched all the latest movie(s)
nyek nyek nyek
gonna watch the day the Earth stood still on my way home :)))))))))
6 hours later...
we landed at the newly open Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport,
they just opened bout a month ago.

it's BIGGER and BIGGER and so big I almost died-ed walking.
calling no one :P
Mr. JS went duty free shopping as usual
GAH!!! dun make me carry all the wines
we then went up to their Business Class Lounge
*they have a separate one for First Class*

the Business Class Lounge itself is as big as 2 football fields
we almost got lost...
chickpeas!!!! I lurve chickpeas~~~~

2 hours later,

Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great joined us at the lounge.
they landed fr Cape town fr their holiday.
so we had a lil reunion with free flow of champagne at T3

at 1st, we couldn't figure out wat were these....
they were actually charger for travelers to use.

Neat huh?

I dun mind spending hours in Dubai's Airport...

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