Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kuchai Lama Hokkien Mee

Pic stolen fr GOE's big Nikon...
the infamous fried mee sua
with lotsa crispy pork lard, seafood and bitter gourd.
Hakka pork belly with yam
the award winning fish curry
must try!!!
A.A. Gang ate till almost wanted to "telan" the claypot dy.
it went so well with the fried mee sua.
La La kam heong style
stir fried "nian gao"
nian gao is the sweet glutinous rice cake u eat during CNY.
but this one is the savoury type.
Hokkien Mee with its partner - pork lard
suan pan zi aka yam gnoochis
this one was so good, Si Fu tapau-ed for supper.
stir fried vege with extreme wok-hei
sweet potato leaves....
one of my fav leafy vege.
the two gluttons who ordered rice
already so many plates of carbs, they still yearned for more..
thanks to the fish curry.
GOE: "U won't be able to snap me...u won't...u won't"
GOE: "I'm gonna continue to move....u won't u won't u wont'"

and when I did.............
GOE the God was being appeased with more carbs!!!
Munchy helping Petite Wei Nee with more carbs
and when we sapu-ed everything.......
the gluttons still want MORE
last dish, "yuet kong hor"
moon lite hor fun

GOE and myself were fighting for the yummy bits on top
~~~~pork lard
Si Fu stressing on his point of view
both of u were so ivory and ebony lar.
*pic stolen fr GOE's big Nikon*

Lam Kee @ Kuchai Lama
Off Old Klang Road,
next to Agape Church.
Tel: 603 7981 1972

PS: heard that they will be moving soon coz they are being evicted!!!
*cry cry cry*

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