Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twisting & Taboo-ing

Sweet Devil Rachel was having pre-dinner = a slice of cheese
with Taffy begging for food
nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam
Taffy has got a new rubber drumstick to play wif!!!!
pls dun give me tat look /*_*\
Taffy workin his magic on me
"Gimme more cheese....MORE cheese....mooooreeee"
Sweet Devil Rachel made my fav drink
her recipe uses grapes as well
we ordered Dominos delivery
grilled chicken wings
So Hilt Sharon, Beautiful CS, Sweet Devil Rachel with Taffy
we started the nite with Taboo
Samsui woman??? wat the heck is tat?
Beautiful CS bought the Singaporean version of Taboo
with all the ang moh kio, chua chu kang, and more hokkien words
Taffy was on the same team as mommy!!!
So Hilt Sharon & Monkey were on the same team
Yes I know, u wanted to kill me liao.
when the clock striked 12am we rolled out the above mat
Sweet Devil Rachel with the Twister board
see wat u've got!!!
hand?? foot??? which colour?
*spin spin spin*
"Cherry Koh, right foot Green"

*spin spin spin*
"Ah Kong, right hand green."

*spin spin spin*
"Ah mah, left foot yellow."
Nope we were not posing....all in stated position
twist twist twist
Adui!!! why I alwiz kena the difficult ones
Beautiful CS: "WOI WOMAN!!! u are sitting on my foot!!!!"
So Hilt Sharon: "Lemme rest lar!!"
Monkey: "Walao wei, u vely clever...resting on my back. I damn sakit leh."
Beautiful CS: "Sekejap only lar......"
Beautiful CS doin the balancing act
stretch your legs!!
So Hilt Sharon juggling in her long sexay halter dress
*slaps forehead*
we had fun luffin
never too old for anything
esp when it makes u luff.

next time do it when we are tipsy
I'll be the photog...
Sexay Back, Mommy Thelvi and Hot mama Shen must join next time.

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