Tuesday, December 23, 2008

of Tear Gas and Shopping

Monkey, JS and Dinos the Great were skipping happily
at the highstreet....
:) *fah la la la la~~~~~*

suddenly the whiff of the usual fresh air turned lethal,
our nose were in PAIN
eyes were tearing.

JS: "Are we sniffing tear gas??"
Dinos the Great: "Yes I think these were the left-overs"

Monkey: "RUN!! RUN for your life ppl!!!"
Dinos the Great: "We don't have to run lil monkey. The riots is one kilometre away!!!!"

Monkey: "Oh LOOK!!! there's a place we can hide!!!"
*and dashed into the posh boutique which I kenot name here*

leaving Dinos the Great and JS
-_-" x 1000000000000
and so we ended up shopping again
but with a good excuse this time :P
well ppl....
it's very safe here in Athens despite all the news, videos
that u saw online/tv/youtube/online etc.
I guess the media overhyped the situation to cover other things like...
like...like the economy crisis or all the bailout issues happening in US.
*I want bail out too!!! who's gonna bail me out fr all my expenses?????*
students climbed all the way up the Acropolis to do this!!!
displaying a huge banner with the word RESISTANCE in 4 dff languages.
I don't think the whole city of Athens can see this children...
there's better medium to express your opinions.
yep youths doin nothing but holding the banner in the cold
tourists have to pay 12 euros to come up here
and since u ppl were students...u misused the privilege of free entry.
go back to school and study -_-
dun waste your time.
I think they dun even know wat they were fighting for
students being misused by the opposition to do silly things like this.
everyday there's big blue caged truck transporting the heavily armed squad
around the city....

to protect innocents like us and to ctrl the youths.......

when all fails....here comes the TEAR GAS

U better watch out
u better not cry
u better not throw things I'm telling u why
Police Squad is coming to TOWN.

They're making a line,
throwing Tear Gas,
gonna find out who's notti and nottier,
Police Squad is coming to TOWN~~~~
They are tall and mighty *at least 6 foot*
and well armed.

makes u feel so safe :)))))

Dinos the Great *in jeans* teaching the police how to ctrl the youths.

sometimes at nite, u see groups of ppl gathered
at squares like this

Monkey flipped open her Red Sony Camera and begun flicking..

Dinos the Great: "When u see ppl like this, u dun snap pic....U RUN!!!!!"Monkey: "Okie.....running."
*click click snap snap flash flash flash*
and one more~~~


It was an experience to be:
1) stucked in between demonstrations
2) walked in between the demonstrators
3) crossed them while walking
4) hearing them fr a far
5) trapped in between the police and demonstrators at the crossroad *I'm a tourist, I'm innocent!!!*
6) sniffing tear gas for the 1st time in my life
7) almost -_- almost....join the demonstrators *I'm fighting for more discounts for branded goods*

Despite all we had GREAT fun!!!

life goes on in Athens
according to the locals, it's part of their life

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