Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Woo Pin Fish Head noodle

Fish Cake with fish paste wrapped in "fu chook" aka beancurd sheets
served with pounded chili in belacan

Out of randomness, Monkey was begging Sweet Devil Rachel to take me to this place. Yup, surprise surprise...though it's so famous I have to admit I've never been >.<
then Sexay Back Maggie who regularly makes pit-stops here during traffic jam oso wanted to join in

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle is situated at Taman Danau Desa
it is soooo OUT OF THE WAY from Sexay Back Maggie's route to home
and if she can de-tour and make pitstop here, then it better be an awesome place

Sweet Devil Rachel who resides on this hill comes here regularly
so she was the host :)))
in the end, a dinner for 2 kepohs ended up with more kepohs and Beautiful CS joined in *so we had our kepoh Annual...err more like Daily General Meeting here*

and also our respective soon-to-be-kepohs husbands/boyfriends
yeah the men got trained by they are on their road to kepoh-ness
I guess every time when the men sat down with the ladies over meals....they get a lot of NEW information and updates :P
I really like the crispy fu chook fish paste
the crispiness of thin fu chook intermittent with the yummy fish paste was heavenly
while waiting for the rest, we started with nibbling...then ended up with whacking 2 plates of the above :P

it was a weekday evening and this place was packed to its brim
I can imagine what is it like during the weekends
well the more packed a restaurant is, the more attracted u are to it

another marketing strategy, so if u wanna sell ur products/services, u need to make it desire-able and wanted like this. I have an uncle who's in logistics and in order to make his company "perceived"to be "attractive" and "famous" and "WANTED" he had all his branded logistic trucks and vans drive around Malaysia....
so u see them everywhere on the road and highways
even though they are not doing anything, just to drive around nationwide
It makes u think that this BRAND/company is better than the other coz it's everywhere
but Uncle you are burning a lot of fuel u know in your marketing efforts? and that's not very green
*okie I can't reveal which company now :P coz he's now one helluva successful one overtaking the Global international one :P*
well well....that was 10 years ago...guess now there's better marketing strategies huh?
and MY FISH HEAD NOODLE CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually I cheated....knowing the portion here is overly generous I opted for something lesser
Sweet Devil Rachel helped me to order the fish head soup with fresh homemade fish paste, fried fish head, additional spinach....with all of its condiments of tomatoes, pickled vegetables, fried shallots...except one thing --> NOODLE/BEE HOON

the first whiff of this hearty bowl was chinese wine...
ohhh woooowwww the nose was so good u know u can finish everything even though the bowl is bigger than my face. They served it with pounded chili in belacan instead of the usual cut chilis.

everything was so yummy
Woo Pin has got option of Yee Mee or Bee Hoon
and the soup with milk or without
usually other places serve the standard - you can't choose all the combo
inclusive of my option WITHOUT NOODLES
if I do this elsewhere prollie the auntie will ask me to get out of her restaurant :P

I will definitely come back here again and again and again
oh their slow boiled barley drink is really good too..
loaded with Ginkgo and melted fu chook...lots of it

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle
Jalan 1/109F, Taman Danau Desa,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 6012 201 3148
Tue - Sun from 7.30am till 10.00pm
Closed on Monday


Christine said...

heard so much raving about this place, shall go try out soon. the one i favor was Goon Wah Restaurant at Kuchai Lama for their Claypot XO Fish Head Noodles. WICKED!! and also their claypot 'mouse noodle' and braised pork belly with yam!!

CHER-RY said...

Morning Christine, oh yes I heard about Goon Wah too but never been. Everything is claypot-fied there right? hehehehe

Christine said...

Morning Cher-ry, yes their fish head noodle and the mouse noodle..i like their fried intestine too, but i think sek yuan fare better..haha