Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Next destination :))))

Last week during my usual weekday dashing around from meetings to meetings, Monkey managed to zoomed into the book store and got the book I wanted......so I smacked it into JS's face...
"Okie this is it...this is where we are goin in a few months time!!!!"

frankly my travel buddy aka JS is quite mixed when it comes to traveling
he only prefers places that he's familiar with, or even better if he's been there before.
then this is not called adventure darling!!!!
but on the bright side, he's pretty adventurous if there's another crazy partner aka ME who'll go with him :))))

even better if Monkey does all the research, reading, planning, bookings etc aka tour guide lar
but I've been playing his tour guide for the past few years, inclusive of reading out all the historical facts of all the places that we've been, history and biodata of chefs for restaurants that we dined in, name of artworks and its artists and year of conception, name of masons and how they died for all the stone carvings/buildings that we visited...
isn't it easier if we have a personal paid tour guide???
coz I don't get paid....ok ok lar...I got paid in kind coz JS takes me for holiday :)))

but I really enjoy the process of getting there
bcoz I learnt so much and when we visit the actual site, we appreciate it even more
and when I google Seville....instead of seville oranges....I found the above pic
so Moorish with a lot of Arabian influences
I can't wait to visit you!!!!

Seville's old town is the 3rd largest in Europe after Venice and Genoa
read again...OLD TOWN...
wow so this gonna be another Indiana Jones trip, I like!!! :))))))))))
Then I did more readings on Andalucia and found Malaga!!!!
wow what a beautiful and huge BULLRING!!!!

those who don't know Malaga, it's lies just 130km north of Africa and has one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.
Founded in 8th BC, it is even older than ROME.
It was then called Malaka...hmmmm familiar???
Are u thinking wat I'm thinking??? Malaga is only 400km away from Portugal *portuguese conquered Melaka*
hmmmm Melaka? Malaka? Malaga

Anyway....Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas were born here
I hope there's a nice Picasso museum there :)))

oh my oh my...now I need 1 month in Spain~~~~
let's forget about Paris Ok???
I can forgo all my shopping for these!!!!
then my readings got into this place!!!
wat the hell is that????
I dunno wat Rock is that but it makes me wanna climb it!!!!

this beautiful Rock is situated very very near to Morocco
almost at the end of the Continent of Europe

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory so they are technically the responsibility of the Brits
so they govern their own politics and affairs...
how interesting!!!!
and yes English is the official language and Sterling Pound is their currency
the Rock of Gibraltar
and Monkey was trying so hard to convince JS....that Gibraltar is just a few hours away from Seville

so how to do Seville, Malaga and Gibraltar in a week???
plus we have Madrid, Paris, Bourgogne, Rhone then all the way down to Provence???
yea how to squeeze all those in one month???
*smacks forehead into the rock*
so u see....Monkey is meant to come here
and scale up the Rock of Gibraltar

but today, u dunnit to climb it....
there's a wonderful invention called the Cable Car that will take u all the way up there
JS, can we go to Gibraltar after Seville?
Please please please please~~~~~
I'll bake u all the Madeleine that u wanna eat every single day :))))
Please please please please~~~~~



Unknown said...

you know the first time i hear about Gibraltar is via anime- Gundam Seed series!! LOL

CHER-RY said...

Shell Shell: wah geng!!! :))))) was it a good anime?

licheng said...

woohooo! I'm soooo excited for your trip! so when you plan to go? andalucia we learnt in history, remember??

Yeah Gibraltar is part of UK but used to be part of Spain (these days i'm following documentaries on PBS about the isles of britain and they covered gibraltar as well). i know it's home to the macaque monkeys though..haha

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: It is still part of Spain but governed by UK. Weird rite? Reminded me of Cyprus, the Northern part of the island governed by the Turks...I mean Turkey.

Heading on 1st November :)))

js said...

It's location is so strategic in military terms that the British can't let go of it and even got a treaty/agreement to hold it forever!!

js said...

It's location is so strategic in military terms that the British can't let go of it and even got a treaty/agreement to hold it forever!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Sweet.... cant wait for the pics!!!