Monday, July 09, 2012

Hiking @ Bukit Gasing

Hiking? yes....hiking :)))))))
so out of the blue right?
but u should know Monkey does things for reasons, all the time

so on a Saturday morning, Monkey woke up, dashed around at home in panic coz I was late, zoomed to an uncharted territory to my hiking si fu Brian C who was already waiting

it wasn't easy considering the nite before I went out partying till err....2 am? or was it 3 am?
I can't remember. Blame it on the Sangria :P
File pic of Brian C & Monkey
Brian C is a decade older than Monkey -_- *I'm in my 30's*

"Wat's ur secret???"
Brian C: "I hike every weekend my dear."

OK that's it!!!! that's the SECRET!!!!
I m taggin along in all your hiking sessions

and to begin fitness level is so Brian C set the easiest climb of all in Klang Valley. At Bukit Gasing.

with spirits higher than Mount Everest, energy level flowing outta me and aura literally beamed outta my head....Monkey tagged along with such enthusiasm it surprised myself hahahahaha

"How long do u usually take to go up?"
Brian C: "Up n down...hmmm bout 1 hour."
with Monkey tagging along that morning....we took 1 hour just to hike up
I'm such a liability >.<
beautiful parasite on a tree
I was refrained fr touching it...never know if it's poisonous or not rite?
usually pretty stuffs are lethal...agree???
*and that applies for pretty women and beautiful men wuahahahaha*
there were so many local folks hiking this lil hill
why do I say local? coz they do it with such breeze and grace
while I was huffing and puffing like an asthma patient catching her breathe

the Japanese gang who was climbing alongside was luffing at Monkey
Holding a tree, bending down with the other hand on my waist...
I was breathing: "Bee-boo-Bee-boo-Bee-boo"
yeah wat a sight to behold...a young lady like this condition
while the japanese folks in their retirement golden age were stepping it up with grace

*smacks forehead*
I m gonna do better next time!!!!!
I kenot kenot lose out to old folks!!!!
there were so many ppl....that at certain part, there's traffic jam
human traffic...hahahaha

that man in blue was so buff and fit!!!
Monkey and Brian C spotted him while he was parking at the foothill
Brian C: "ooOOooo...there's a hunk..."
Monkey: "I saw :P"
there was also a part with a nice blue hanging bridge
this gentleman stopped us from crossing

Brian C: "can we pass first?"
Runner not hiker said: "No, let me run across first...I need to do this....Run."

Brian C gave me the "he's-so-weird" look
I started to giggle coz I know I'm gonna enjoy the next scene and took out my mobile ready to snap pics :P
either this Runner not Hiker man was afraid of heights that he needed to get across ASAP or perhaps he's testing the durability of this new bridge
he was swaying from left to right to the momentum of the hanging bridge
flapping his arms like a penguin to balance himself
he almost fell before he reached the end

his efforts and enthusiasm just blew me
coz I'm so afraid of heights...
I crossed like a snail on this bridge with Brian C giving me moral support at the other end
"don't look down...come to me....think of the yummy food we gonna eat later after this!!!"

GAH!!! I am easily bought over by FOOD
and as I glide through...I caused a massive jam at the back of me
>.< Shame shame!!!!

after countless times of asking the same damn question "Are we there yet?" we finally reached the top
I was so overwhelmed I forgot to snap pic nor do a Star jump
too tiring!!!!! too difficult for me...

coming down was crazy!!!
more efforts needed and even more difficult than climbing up
arghhhhh in fact I did give up midway
it was my hiking si fu that kept on giving me moral support
"I'll buy you all the apoms and thosai u want later!!!!"
oh yes....FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!

Brian C kept to his promise....thin crispy Thosai served on a banana leaf!!!!!!!
cooked to perfection using loads of GHEE *clarified butter*
it was soooo yummy I chomped it down in seconds
the condiments were bottomless bcoz u can just keep on topping them up anytime u want it
there goes all the calories burnt during my hike
replaced back by this sinful Thosai

at this rate, I don't think I will achieve wat I've set to do...
more input than output
-_- haiiizzz......

Brian C: "So....u wanna come again the next time?"
Monkey: "For this yummy Thosai....ANYTIME!!!!"

Brian C -_-"
"I meant the hike"


he's now preparing for a 9 hours climb somewhere in Malaysia
u may spare me outta this one...
Thank you so much for letting me to tag along...guiding me and most of all gave me moral support to do this...very unexpected...and your patience with me :P
and lastly thank you for THOSAI!!!!!

Today my limbs and calves are aching like a bitch, hopefully with more practice I will manage it better the next time :)))))

yummy Thosai at:
The Lotus Family Restaurant
No. 13-15, Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 603 7782 6868


Melissa said...

thanks for the entertaining post.
hmmm...I think I may also cause jam at the blue bridge le... =p

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: U are afraid of heights too?

Melissa said...

1 or 2 floors okay la....3 floors onwards....ahem ahem...*sweaty palms*

CHER-RY said...

Hahahaha!!! we are in the same "boat"

May Ng said...

hahah I used to climb Gasing hill every Sunday morning, then my friends and I will motivate each other while we were huffing puffing by saying "those killer thosais with thick and chunky dhalls are waiting for us, just do it!" :p

We usually dine @ Raju's. They serve fantastic roti canais too =D

CHER-RY said...

May: Do u still do hiking these days? I m so behind...just started :P but u were right...FOOD is such a damn good motivator!!!! Perhaps someone should dangle a piece of Thosai in front of me as I climb :P

May Ng said...

Cherry : Not anymore, its so difficult to drag my sorry ass out of bed in the early morning! hahaha

But...I'll hike for Thosai anytime!

CHER-RY said...

Damn!!! Food is such a good motivator right???

Jai said...

Enjoyed reading your post. Felt like I did that hike.
I was contemplating on going for a hike....and after reading your post....hmmmmm....I am sure will.....for the thosai and the climb.