Thursday, July 05, 2012

Our Anniversary :))))

To be fair and precise, the exact date was 28th June
but thanks to our hectic schedule...the only date we can dine together was 29th
blame it to Puasa month when all events must happen in town before this holy month begins in July
so does that mean the holy month will be quiet???

*glanced through my July - August calendar*
apparent not....sigh
if there's games like Dinner Dash, Hotel Dash, Cooking Dash, Wedding Dash and the latest Garden Dash......they should also have this game call Work Dash
or maybe the Dash franchise has got this Work Dash game already...just that I was too bz to notice?
JS alwiz blind me for all his wines
he said I got to work hard identifying to be able to enjoy the wines

it's a good learning process to trust your palate and nose
and identify the parcel & maker of this bottle of wine
it's all by deduction and memory
the key is not the get the right answer...but how did u arrived to your answer using which methodology
yeah I know it's like doing a thesis with hypothesis and all
told ya we are one helluva competitive couple

the evening begun with a starter of Samekarei and Uni
samekarei is a really deep sea flounder fish
living in between 150m to 1000m  in the ocean
*normal standard human with scuba diving equipment can dives down to 50 metres*

the fish was raw with really good texture, almost in between of fish/shellfish/scallop -liked
topped with fresh yummy sea urchin
dashed with Chef's umami dressing
Umami has been certified as our 5th taste on our tongue
we have the Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and now...UMAMI!!!!
2nd course for the evening was Ocean Trout Tartare with Bottarga
Ocean trout is from the Salmon family but has got a more delicate taste and texture
Bottarga = cured fish roe

hey Mr. JS u have loads of Bottarga in ur fridge...are u gonna cook it or continue to "cure" them???
he loves to store "junks" in the fridge and I love to throw them

and when I dunno wat the hell they were and ended up in the rubbish dump
he got alarmed....yeah I've once threw caviar away....the good ones >.<
prollie he should start chaining the fridge up and buy me a CUTE MINI SMEG FRIDGE!!!!
I want my own fridge pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
and back to the yummy dish, after u have remove the slice of delicate expensive Bottarga away and the thin chips....u'll see the finely chopped ocean trout and a lil egg yolk plus some kombu
kombu = a type of japanese kelp with really yummy Umami taste :)))))))))
to enjoy this dish...break the yolk and mix it around with all the ingredients that have been assembled delicately on your plate
Lobster Gazpacho
gazpacho is usually tomato based but it can be cucumber based too
so based on its color, this was def cucumber :)))))
well unless Chef uses green tomatoes :P
such delicate lobster meat u won't wanna have heavy taste infused innit
at this juncture, the impatient JS already stripped the blinding socks off the bottle
I've only got the appellation right :P Chambolle Musigny
*slams head on the table*
yes I need to drink more and work harder on this
Looking forward to our year end trip to Burgundy again :))))))))

it's so lovely!!! and was only a premier cru
very powerful and yet refined for a 13 year old wine
my very first bottle of Chambolle Musigny from Mr. Roumier
Fedellini pasta with oysters and summer truffles
there were 5 oysters on this dish

Monkey: "Hmmm they should change the name of this dish to Oysters with Fedellini pasta"
JS: "Do u want my oysters?"
Monkey: "Do u want my pasta?"

hmm barter trade!!!! hohohohohohoho
that's why never ever get a partner that will fight for the same food with u
wuahahahaha opssss :P
Fillet of Tai Fish with Kinome
Tai fish is a japanese sea bream
kinome = a type of japanese peppery small leaves that has got an intense taste when eaten raw

nooooo kinome is not the leaves wrapping this fish
we later found out from the staff this leave was an Oba leave
served on top of a very very hot stone, the fish was almost caramelized
one of my fav dish for the nite :))))))))))
and we lurve the "portioning" for the entire evening...very good for a degustation menu

Roasted Foie gras with wild asparagus and madeira
Chef is now a fetish in roasting foie longer pan frying them
I suppose by roasting them, u sealed its taste and fat and juices instead
never seen wild asparagus before?
I only get to eat these in Europe coz it's wild in that part of the world...
it doesn't taste like asparagus but with a yummy crunchy almost like garlic flower stems/stalks
its buds were almost like fruits with a tinge of nectar sweetness
granite or mangoes and passion fruits
Chef had to shock our palate with some form of sour granite to neutralise them after the fatty and rich foie gras before proceeding with the main course

grilled wagyu in its natural jus
yes we like our meat this sauce

I recalled at another restaurant when JS ordered his meat to be prepared in certain way with the sauce on its side....and when it was totally the opposite as instructed....he almost wanted to terbalik the table :P
this happened not too long ago :P

well if your meat is fresh and done perfectly, there's nothing to hide especially with thick sauces and all. :)))) so now u understand why we don't take buffet...
and now u know why all the meat on the buffet line were cooked in thick sauces?? or deep fried beyond recognition...
Buffet is the perfect way to dispose un-used, goin to expired, not fresh meat bla bla yada yada
ok ok ok let's not talk about buffet before some hotels gonna come after my blog
:P they still need their business!!!!
and in this world...if there's Demand there's Supply :)))) perfect!!!!

my gangster-liked partner
who was so happy that evening I couldn't see his eyes -_-
only another gangster can team up with this gangster aka this monkey :P
yes don't be fooled by the mask
those who knew me....they know

OMG!!! another orgasmic dish
creme brulee ice cream made in-house
it's almost like a parfait!!!! not ice creams!!!

u know the texture of parfait is PERFECT!!! that's why it's a parfait duh~~~~
it's really creamie and smooth
pic fr my iPhone :)))))))))))))) hehehehehe
topped with almond crisp and meringuesm lastly a dollop of fresh passion fruit pulps
it was a 9 course dinner minus the granite

My tummy was so filled with good cargo from this meal
anymore food and the staffs have got to wheel me out :P
lastly came a lovely surprise
*smacks forehead*
I shouldn't have told Puji
*hey if u are reading this, I hope everything is Ok on your end :))))*

this was the maximum slice we could manage
*I seriously need someone to wheel me outta the restaurant!!!*

it was a really seriously yummy Yuzu cake
yes Yuzu!!!
Yuzu is a very aromatic citrus fruit, almost mandarin/grapefruit-liked used a lot in japanese and korean cuisine
JS got me a "The Tiffany Setting" ring
the famous ring of the ring in the famous 6-prong setting

JS: "very small hor??"
Monkey: "WTF!!! this is almost 1 carat??? how big u want lar???"
JS >.<
*cupids fell onto the floor*
sorry we alwiz kill any romantic mood on the air...if there's any

shhhhh u shouldn't have my dear...
and now the ring is on its way to Hong Kong to be re-set

my guy friends alwiz said, JS is a bad influence and alwiz spoil the market
while the ladies will want their partners to mix around him more
whichever way it is, he's hands off!!!
nyek nyek nyek

Thank you to the team at Cilantro, Chef Takashi & his amazing team inside the kitchen for the amazing creations for the evening
Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Happy Anniversary to you Both!

I could still feel the romance in the air between u two despite you keep saying there is none... ;D

A fabulous meal and definately a memorable evening...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to Monkey and JS =)
You got a beautiful Tiffany ring lah.
Anyway..u look beautiful in that pic =)

Dee said...

Very very beautiful marriage. Many more years to come your way!

Thank you for inspiring me! (:

mef said...

Happy Anniversary...

Wishing both of you many blessed and happy years ahead

CHER-RY said...

Thank you everyone for the wishes :))))
and for continuously reading this blog. Hehehehe....

May Ng said...

Wow.. what a pretty sparkler! and I love your dress, was it a snake print dress? lovely.

Congrats and best wishes to you both!

CHER-RY said...

Hello May :)))
Thank you for your wishes...yeah the dress was from H&M *think more than 2 years ago*

Anonymous said...

Does that mean JS and you are engaged now? :)

CHER-RY said...

Dear Anonymous....hahahah sorry to disappoint u but nope...we are not :P