Friday, July 20, 2012

Mee Mee's belated Birthday celebration

U know after this age....which is 21....a woman will alwiz be 21 forever
*men rolled their eyes*

it was a Potluck birthday partay at Mee Mee's home
and guess who brought Satay Kajang!!!!
wooohooooo tell me who doesn't like satays esp when it comes from Kajang???

so poor Nee Lee, who stays in Kajang is alwiz "made" to bring satays for partays
on the good side is, u dun have to crack ur head thinking wat to bring/cook rite???

Shell Shell made her daddy cooked :P
a really yummy Cheong Sau Meen
every birthday must have this noodle
it means Long Life Noodle!!!
and Shell Shell's daddy made a different variation with loads of seafood infused innit

this one was prepared by Shell Shell's hubby Huei

Shell Shell is sooooo lucky
she has got 2 men in her life fighting to cook for her

the above was fried Blue swimmer crab mee hoon, topped with crunchy mini baby anchovies
the mee hoon used here is of different type, the thicker ones, so it will absorb the flavour even more

Shell Shell insisted that everyone must finish the crabs before we can leave the house
*and it's not even her house -_-*
I was given the easiest task - to prepare....not even to cook...hua hua hua
so I made a summer salad of watermelon, cucumber and avocado with mints, taragon, basil and coriander
just throw everything in and voila!!!!

the other salad that I've made was aragula and baby spinach with caramelised nectarines
topped with super crunchy slow fried bacon!!!!
to give it some crunch and texture
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))))))))))))))))

Monkey made fruits skewers too for desserts but we forgot to snap pic

JS, Huei and Tanca
the BrokeBack Mountain table :P

while the ladies congregated on the dining table, the brokeback gang was bz chomping on the kitchen island, doing their own lil catching up :P

after dinner, it's PLAYTIME!!!!!
well....not creations alwiz have to revolved around food...
yeah in fact the first time I laid my lil fingers and hand son play-doh, I made a curry puff :P
Shell Shell made a monkey outta the mould
as the ladies were playing....the men kept on rolling their eyes
gawd.....wat is this??? what have they turned into???
5 year-old????
I'm a WABBIT!!!! and this carrot is too tiny for my appetite!!!
yes and I like to "eat" my creations :P
my mini-puffs and mini burger!!!!

Monkey asked JS who was then so bored after having extensive eyes rolling exercise/movements
"wat u want me to make??"
JS in his sulky face printed when-can-we-go-home: "make anything lar....make shit lar..."
in fact the BrokeBack Mountain gang was sulking when-can-we-go-home looks the entire evening

see I sayang u so much.......watever u want, I will do my best to give u
u want shit......I give u shit......with extras
the extra was the lil fat fly "menghinggap" on top of the pile of shit
it looked more like a Bee
Nee Lee and Baby Jae
he's only 2.5 months?
sooo soooo soo cute!!!! look at those cheeks!!!
felt like pinching him left n rite :P

Nee Lee is a natural with babies
I dare not carry babies for fear of breaking their bones and necks :P
Family portrait: Teofu, Mee Mee and Rei Rei
Later, out came the cake!!!!!
Rei Rei was so excited

Rei Rei looked so much like daddy
but he has got mommy's beautiful skin :))))))))))))))
he's such an intelligent boy for a 2 year-old :)))))
 Mommy I love you~~~~~
 Okie if u love mommy what must u do????
The Roomies and Rei Rei
yup we are called the roomies coz that's how we met....
from housemates to roommates during our University years :)))

so now we have engineer cum professor *yep she's getting her PHD soon*, financial controller, chartered accountant and a Monkey
coz my career right now has got nothing to do with my education :P

Lola Circus Cake by Wondermilk
i was pretty skeptical when purchasing such a fun cake
for fear that it will only looked good

but I was wrong
it was really yummy!!!!

Now I am soooo inspired to bake a multi colored multi layered cake
wish me luck!!!!
Teofu and Rei Rei
this was their "eat-cake" shots

Rei Rei was multi-tasking with his peace sign while the other hand was slicing cakes
the shocked and the serene "eat-cake" shots!!!!
prollie this is how engineers looked like while eating cakes?
hahahahah JS & Monkey
yeah confirmed, engineers have got this face when eating cakes

I just realised so many engineers in the house
Nee Lee
now I know who to get to repair something
but then do software engineers know how to repair circuits/plumbing?
the best "eat-cake" shots
Shell and Huei
alwiz ever-ready for the shutter

Mee Mee we didn't have your "eat-cake" shot
so u escaped this round....tee hee hee

Happy Belated Birthday again and till the next gathering


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I could not take my eyes off the rainbow cake.... thats a load of coloring... hehehe but its really pretty! =)

neil said...

Won't mind kissing those cheeks (Baby Jae's) every day! Love my roomees so much :X

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sophia =)
Ehh....I want to be 21. Therefore I go shop at Forever 21, so that I can dress and look like 21. Erm...does that works? Hahaha...
Rei must be very many Big Jie Jie teman him to play =)

Anonymous said...

I love the cake & am getting many query on the cake too :))) We can charge wondermilk for advertising!

Thanks Mel! We can wear FOREVER 21 without the FRE = OVER 21 muahaha


CHER-RY said...

haahhaah yea yea FOREVER 21

u all can buy the cake from Wondermilk :)) they have other cakes as well.