Monday, July 16, 2012

Lucky Loke Restaurant

She's the reason I'm here all the time....
Claypot pork belly with caramelised brinjals

yeah even if it was a busy week-day, I made time and pulled my ass to this busy part of PJ for dinner
the other reasons were all my pretty bitches, coz they were craving for this place like pregnant ladies

Oh I forgot to add that this claypot dish has got salted fish innit..
it's really yummy that I am contented with just having this dish only

a few days earlier...all of us congregated on WhatsApp and started ordering..
since I chopped this dish the rest needed to order other things but then everyone has got their fav dish at Lucky Loke :))))
Hot Mama Thevi chopped this caramelised tangy pork
it has got some zest innit that balance the fattiness of fried thinly sliced pork belly
can whack one whole bowl of rice with this
oh yummssss
Beautiful CS chopped this Asam steamed fish
it's gravy has got a balance spicy, sour and sweet taste
however the fish itself was a disappointment on that particular nite
it has got a bit of a muddy taste
but since all of us were so "tam-chiak" everything was gone!!!!

the other must eat dish here also chopped by Beautiful CS was 3-cups-chicken
apparently this dish was named that way since its ingredients consisted of 3 cups of everything??

it has got plenty of curry and sweet thai basil leaves that produced the memorable aroma
plus each and every piece of its chicken were CARAMELIZED
oh yummmsssss
just lurve the stickiness innit
hot plate toufu was really good too
I guess the secret was in the strong fire that they have
every dish seems to have that "breathe of fire"
token of green vege which was fried less than a minute to retain the freshness and crunchiness innit
this particular vege if fried for too long will emit too much of water...
Hot Mama Thevi berlebih-lebih after a satisfied meal
notice everything was wiped off its plate?
where did all the food gone to????
YS, Macho Mani, JS, Shy Chatwin

food gone to these respective tummies!!!!
I didn't know how they did it...but the moment I click my shutter...they took a deep breathe in and their tummies sank in
Men are very vain too u know???
Hot Mama Thevi, Sexay Back Maggie, Monkey, Beautiful CS, Sweet Devil Rachel
great dinner, awesome company so when's the next round coming???

Lucky Loke Restaurant
Jalan SS3/59E,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +6019 338 8909


Anonymous said...

Always wanted to ask..but I forgot =p
U straighten ur hair edi!!!

CHER-RY said...

Hi Melissa...yeah beh-tahan ady...every morning had to "fix" my hair..:P