Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Deli, Micasa Hotel

Monkey was bound to leave work at Genting Highlands in an hour's time
but found time to stuff my face with some yummy food at The Deli before heading up to the highlands
yes when it comes to food, I'll do wat it takes and go all the way for it
tee hee hee

The Deli is a simple fuss free healthy gourmet sandwiches, pastas, pastries and yummy homemade ice creams :))))))))))
during our last visit, we chomped our way to its foie gras wagyu burger
*read bout it here*
pic taken with my iPhone
we had a simple starter of crispy fried ebi and calamari
with homemade wasabi mayo dip

another pic taken by JS's new spanking camera
his new gf -_-
Does she have a name yet????
which he carries around in his Bottega/Goyard/Tods

competition of who snaps the better pics
told ya we are a very competitive couple
we tend to out-do each other in everything....
from learning new things, brain storming for ideas, create processes
well a few arenas he wins hands down such as COOKING and GOLF!!!!!
and as for me.....I win hands down on EATING as MUCH as a COW could and SLEEPING AS LONG AS I WANT!!!!!

Chef prepared a complimentary salad for us
so pretty looking!!!!
with the ever yummy japanese tomato

JS: "U still want your tomato?"
I knew he's been eyeing mine

Monkey snarled at JS: "NO!!!! Don't even think bout it!! I alwiz save the best for the last!!!"
JS in a disappointed tone..."okie lor..."
taken with my dearie humble iPhone
okie lar....i cropped the pic outta its proportion
I still lurve my iPhone :))))))))))

this salad is not in the menu...
if I ever want to eat this again....seriously, I dunno how to order it...
maybe the best way would be to WhatsApp this pic into the kitchen as an order chit

soon we found surprises underneath the refreshing salad of mixed leaves and herbs
sashimi quality of white fish underneath it
the dressing was very well balanced and each leaves were in perfect condition

this actually reminded me of staffs working in Michelin starred restaurant
where they had to pick each perfect leaves off the whole bunch/stalk
in the end they've only used 20% of the ingredients coz the rest were deemed imperfect
JS had a mixed mushroom pasta
this was indeed really very very healthy
coz the nite before we had so much of food but then again my argument was we need to eat everyday rite no matter how much u ate on the previous day?????
as u can see the pasta was silky smooth
with mushrooms cut to the same thickness
wat do u all use?? Ceramic Mandolin cutter???
*it's my best tool in the kitchen from slicing cucumber to slicing my own fingers >.<*

the ultimate DUCK CONFIT!!!!
notice the specs of sea salt on top?

the whole DUCK LEG!!!!!
confit-ed in its own fat and the skin was so so SO SO SO crispy!!!
served with kalamata olives and mash

the meat tears itself effortlessly
JS saw my facial expression and asked: "Very nice???"
and he tried a bite...then the 2nd...then the 3rd....

if a person who doesn't eat DUCK ate 3 full morsels of it..
then this duck confit has to be something huh?
and it was only RM 17
opsss I shouldn't say they gonna raise the price :P
and a lil cuppa of macchiato

Off topic:
I had macchiato a few days back at The Restaurant @ The Saujana
really wanted to ask the staffs if they understand what is Macchiato vs Cappucino but coming from services/hopsitality background I don't think I want to throw tantrum at them...blame it on the person who train them - if there's any training at all!!!! everyone needs to make a living but then sometimes there are certain things that are beyond OK
the standard here has dropped so much, every course of mine were returned mostly partial eaten
*smacks forehead*
Instead....the neighbouring restaurant Senja is so so so way way way much better!!! The new Chef is from Sicily :))))) the pizza and pasta were amazing. Plus Senja has got a nice *and cute* band playing, singing Frank Sinatra. Yes I know I have a very old soul :P
marshmallows :))))))))))))))))))
alwiz nice to have a sweet treat at the end of every meal

I'll try to come here more often then :)))
and try the rest of its menu

The Deli
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8000
opens from 11am to 7pm daily except Sundays


Chasing Food Dreams said...

havent been to The Deli for a while... time to visit! :))

oh yeah.. love the new chef at Senja!! i just visited the place recently... awesome dinner... :D

js said...

The food comes straight out from Cilantro's kitchen so you can expect the quality to be somewhere up there :))

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Let us know after ur 1st visit to The Deli

JS: u very action lor..been to Cilantro's kitchen -_- never bring me...hmph!!!