Friday, June 12, 2009

Celebrations at Infuzi, Singapore

celebrating Shawn's admission to medical school
many many congratulations :)))

celebrating Si Fu Lawrence's old new job
ermm new old do I put this? hmmmm
anyway have fun at your new old place!!

celebrating Monkey's birthday :P
nice lights huh?
made with artistic arrangement of bordeux bottles

Doc and Emily hosted this dinner
and it was our first time dining here :)
Shawn playing with his new toy - baby lense
and Leanne looking bored

Infuzi has a very conteporary minimalist ambience
set in hi-tech buildings which does research on stem cells, bio-tech, erm.......and all the techie stuffs.
complimentary started of sweet tomatoes drizzled with aged balsamic, toast and concoction of yummy tuna.....just to tantalise our tastebuds
Monkey went berserk-ed when this came
it was a pan roasted mud crab cake with fennel and mesclun salad,
the gem was the pan fried quail egg on top of a spicy tomato sauce.

lobster bisque and brandy cream
JS had this
it was a no surprise that Monkey chose savoy cabbage broth with bacon bits
I still prefer clear soup or broth~~~
not those thick creamy ones
pan fried lemon sole with beurre noisette served with capers and vegetable salad
fish was done to perfection and not overcooked!!
JS brought a St Vivant *pengsan*
by Hudelot-Noellat

Note to JS:
eh....must not always have the good stuffs...otherwise jelak
esp those rare wines...OK?
Doc brought a magnum MSD by Lambrays
next time, dun have to blind...whichever bottle that Doc's 100% MSD.
another MSD by Doc
all of us almost fell off the chairs while doin the tasting notes,
never knew we could be blinded twice that way.
this was everyone's favourite
maine lobster pasta with lobster oil
another gem!!! :))))))
look at the label!!
the egg covered it all!!!!
asparagys and mushroom risotto with sunny side up free range egg
served with black truffle oil and chicken jus

the egg was crispy on its edge with runny yolk!!!
J&J Jelina & Monkey
Jelina was sharing her splendid Milan trip
with shoes shopping and more shopping
I almost went bonkers when she revealed the price there
it's like u can almost never forgive yourself for not buying there!!
I've forgotten who brought this :(
grilled beef with vegetable casserole and pommery mustard cream
my favourite was the pan roasted breast of challans duck
with black truffle sauces, white radish and mash potatoes and some sauteed salsify
just the right amount of fat and meat...and the center was slightly pink
Moomba-ing Augustine who came camera-less
that's odd :P
J&J still glowing radiantly fr the recent shopping madness in Milan
lychee sorbet!!! my favourite!!!
to cleanse our palate
flatmate Amy & God of Eatery aka GOE
GOE's galfriend = his precious Nikon which commands a seat on its own
GOE's wife = ermmm he said it was his boss wor
so poor Amy is now relengated to Flatmate Amy
Lovely couple Val and Yik Wee
amazing apple tart!!!
can u see how thin it was??
very very crispy
gratinated banana with coconut ice cream
baked chocolate larva with maple walnut ice cream
me and Leanne were all smiles after desserts :))))))))
Doc, Em, Leann, Shawn
JS lurves to strangle notti monkey
aren't these two adorable??
sneak peek of Infuzi's kitchen :)))))))
workstation for mis-en-place

I just realised there's no pics of Bagaholic Tracie and Si Fu Lawrence
-_- coz none in my pic banks were nice
it's either too dark or one of u closed your eyes :P

Infuzi Modern European Restaurant
10 Biopolis Road, #01-01
Chromos Block
Singapore 138670
Tel: +65 6478 9091

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