Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lu Ai & Calvin

Monkey didn't have to wake up early,
coz according to our "work schedule"
we won't have to be there till 9.30am
Theme: PINK
Mommy Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne
Wendy was holding the "main tikam" and Kindy Chai with Yoga poses
all ready to hentam the heng tais.
Clarene, Su San, Mommy Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne, Monkey, Wendy, Kindy Chai
this is huge!! it's almost like wearing a bouquet on our wrist.
the lil flowers tickled my lil wrist
Bride Lu Ai was still doin her makeup
her beautifully embroidered wedding dress
beautiful dainty pins
Ass Kickin Vonne, Monkey, Su San, Wendy, Kindy Chai
well, while waiting, we took the opportunity to cam-whored all we want.
Mommy Connie, Ass Kickin Vonne, Monkey, Clarene, Kindy Chai, Wendy, Fui San, Su Sun, Su San
we matched the couch!!!
and when the bride is done!!! voila!!!!
so beautiful :))))))))))))))
Daddy and mommy putting on the veil
all the ji muis....erm almost!!
with sister
Kindy Chai & Lu Ai
Mommy Connie & Lu Ai
then we got ready for the heng tais..
erm what is Lu Vin *Lu Ai's bro* doin with the ji muis?
and then the entourage arrive...
errrr Lu Ai I thought u said only 1o of them? How come multiplied already?
1st, the yoga pose......where u need to lift yourself on that position..
the entourage of lawyers, accountants and CONsultants.....cheated
T_T they just lift that guy up and considered it as "lifted"
I can see the $$$$ on Ass Kickin Vonne's face
hey u are supposed to do yoga on your own...not with the help of the rest
this entourage are really CONsultants....lurve to con ppl. -_-
anyway all the pose failed
it's yoga!!! not reclining/sleeping Buddha!!!!
nor superman...
more like SUPAR man.

see that guy with the blue book??
on how many ang pows they have gave out and to who...
really efficient ACCOUNTANTS ar...
next is main Tikam
faster pick your choice, it's free!!!!
it's either u pay a certain amount of money
body parts.
"what've u got?"
Calvin: "Have to pay how much ar?"those who got body parts were to connect "that part" with the person next to them..
above was the "joining chin to the shoulder" action
they were very lucky coz the most obscene + dirty part was the feet.
we've actually included worse....
nyek nyek nyek.
yes connect the feet to the elbow, then head to the shoulder and what's next?
and screamed at the top of their lungs...LU AI..... I LOVE YOU!!!!
erm, all of u????
they were so happy to barge through.
Poor Wendy standing there and became a human fort!!!
Ass Kickin Vonne negoatiating for more
Kindy Chai wrote this piece of lyrics for them to sing
a beautiful song by Karen Carpenters...
well they have to sing it in HOKKIEN!!!
so can u imagine all the lu le jia JI Ba Pan jiau....
it sounded so vulgar...:P
tai kam che.....chasing us
she didn't let us do a lot of things, can't play this game, can't play that
hurry up, faster no time, quick, Can't do this, pantang that.
and finally
Tai Kam Che: "You wife make u wear "haai= shoes" for her so u dun have to "ngai = suffer".
Tai Kam Che: "And now you pin on the "fah = flower" on him to symbolise that u are his only "fah = flower" so he cannot "sam fah fah = flirt"
tai kam che's mouth is really big!!!
:D they had to do it so many times for 2135498 photographers at that time
Lu Ai was simply stunning!!!
and they had to feed each other with sweet desserts to symbolize a sweet marrige
eh Tai Kam Che, can u move over!!! enuff of those sweet words of your.
Move aside!!!!
mock feedings for the photogs....coz we didn't wanna have pat poh tai kam che there.
I simply lurve this pic.....so beautiful and elegant...like so shanghainese.
Lu Ai and her family :))))))))
hmmmm wat is that?
ooooooo hantaran kahwin...
Wendy & Su San trying to pretend to be "suk nui"
*scratch head* those bunch of CONsultants...really lurve to CON ppl.
I can't even buy a banana with this.
Su Sun, Fui San, Monkey
poor teddies, they got soaked in rain water!!!
then we sent Lu Ai to the land of Hokkiens.....Klang...hehehehehe
with an entourage of 25 cars.

Tai Kam Che: "Make sure all the cars are filled....no empty cars with one driver....bbla bla bla yada yada yada."
Tai Kam Che: "Wah u all so pretty yea......all also not married ar?"
*soliciting for future business already.*

I was so afraid she will pull out her call cards...

coming up next...
Lu Ai & Calvin's reception.


neil said...

Lu Ai is so pretty! Many congrats :)

And yes, I don't like tai kam chers either. Always bising bising with their big mouths. Wanna slap them! :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Tai kam che reminded me of someone....karate lee. Dunno why. Kill me pls!!!!

Odin Cards said...

Errr why Karate Lee???


CHER-RY said...

Joo: Erm, do u remember some play during our pre-u years??? where Karate Lee had to play "tai kam che" and he was such a natural plus his natural mole on the face (in fact he had it removed by a plastic surgeon some years ago).

Unknown said...

Could you do me a favour by congratulating Lu Ai on my behalf? I was her classmate back at high school.

CHER-RY said...

Hidayah: Hello there :)) Thank you for dropping by here. I'll text Lu Ai then. U can add her in facebook. :))