Monday, October 20, 2008

Lu Ai's Prep Day

Mommy Connie, Monkey, Kindy Chai, Bride to be Lu Ai, Clarene, Su San and Ass Kickin Vonne

hmmm Lu Ai's bed can tahan our weights yea,
not bad not bad.

Anyway Ketua Su San and Ass Kickin Vonne
set this lil gathering to discuss on the game plan,
so we rushed through Friday's jam and rain to Lu Ai's home.
Su San made this on the guest book....
so sweet~~~

Once upon a time, erm about 5 years ago...
Lu Ai and Calvin met at a big company
called Ernst & Young
with employees who lurve to calculate ppl's P&L -_-
and fined them if they do not declare their earnings
Not long after that, they started goin out together
traveled the globe and had lots of good time together.

one beautiful nite *or was it day??*
at a beautiful concrete jungle called Hong Kong where Calvin was working
without any flowers
without a RING O_O
Calvin went down to his knees and proposed.

according to the heng tais, Lu Ai took 2.598754687 seconds to say YES
and so on a beautiful October the 18th,
they were pronounced as husband and wife
nice!!! Su San actually took the effort to make a replica of her wedding dress
this gal got talent, she did free hand...ermm free cutting with only a kindergarten scissors.
and erm....this one has yet to come
but we predicted that in 2 years time....
the go-go-ga-ga will arrive!!!!

how come gain weight so fast one???
*Scratch head*

Anyway we were preparing some games for the heng tais,
and the-other-Su-Sun + Fui Sun prepared some yoga pose...
which were impossible for the men.
and for monkeys like me.
Su San the Yoga Master actually taught Monkey and Kindy Chai how to do it...
without hurting ourselves.
Su San: "Bend down slowly while lifting out other leg and straigthen your body."

I thought I heard "krak"
and "Kluk"
and lastly "Aiya!!! sakit!!!!!"
Next one....
Su San: "lift your hands, balance your foot and go all the way down....."
failed again~~~~
Kindy Chai did well,
I just fell down right after that....
gosh!!! Monkeys don't do YOGA they YOGGY around.
Lu Ai's cute nephews: "Jie jie, wat are u doin?"
*slaps forehead*
I was supposed to lift both my legs up while balancing 45kg with my two tiny hands.
mission impossible!!!

Su San did it and refused to let me post pics of her doin tat.
I just can't...
I wondered how are the heng tais gonna achieve this...
*will blog bout it tmrw and u'll be amazed!!!!*
You better watch out!!!
nyek nyek nyek.

Lil did we know........we were supposed to watch out too
coz heng tais also got evil plans.

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