Thursday, October 16, 2008

New at San Francisco Coffee

SFC is the place to be for yummy breakfast,
and freshly brewed coffee.
I just hope they'll open more outlets
so that wherever that I go to, I dun have to crack my head
thinking of where to have a cuppa
*I am so sick of Marriott's coffee!!!!*
this is new on the menu since last month
melted cheese, mushrooms and ham on crispy ciabatta.
another newbie at SFC is the BLUEBERRY doughnut!!!!
I'll freak out everytime it's sold out!!!
best doughnut in town with its fluffy bread and authentic REAL blueberry JAM.
move over J&Co Dunkin Donuts Big Apple watever nut and dough
I hate doughnuts drenched with flavours and sweets.
This was not new.....saja wanna snap pic
Oh yeah, didn't I tell u that during the weekdays
Miss Monkey will take a break and have a single meal a day

but during the weekends, her tummy will "berbuka puasa"
and have 7 meals a day???
Can't live without coffee
but it's making my monkey teeth yellow.


Anonymous said...

One thing I don't understand, how come you are staying in The Forum (Yee Lai condo, not class at all) since you are so rich and high class.Should have stayed around KLCC or Pavillion, just my two cents

CHER-RY said...

Anon: Hi there, thanks for dropping by. I don't think I'm high class...still need to work my ass out there to survive. Anyway it's a great place to live in just opposite RSGC and convenient. Do visit my other blog at

Can't wait for the new place to be ready. Cheers!! :))))

Anonymous said...

haha, maybe you want to work to keep yourself attractive and independent. Women feels very much insecure and a career definitely helps in boosting self-confidence. Don't you notice that when you compare yourself with I Ching(you might not want to admit that in your blog but having this thought deep in your heart,;))
On a side note, Poggenpohl has distributors in Malaysia, they are branded with good design but quality so so if you know how to appreciate kitchen cabinets. Now, they might have pull out their disti rights in Malaysia and enter our market directly. The Binjai is fully furnished with Poggenpohl. You can check out Italian brand Snaidero as well, their show room is in Kelana Jaya. They have some nice F1 collection designed by Ferarri designers.

Anyway, my friend sold his land where you bought The View at 4m. He bought it at 600K and sold it in 3 years time during 97'. Funny part is, he is not a developer and he is still working for a utility company in Malaysia. Saujana is no doubt one of the best Golf course in KL but I guess IOI Palm has nicer villa to stay with 27 holes?

CHER-RY said...

Anon: Wow, I like the F1 collection. Will try to make time this weekend. Thanks again Anon!! :)