Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Nee Lee!!!!!

Bday Gal Nee Lee & Mee Mee
they arrived shortly after ms monkey landed her bum on the seat.
I didn't make any reservation and it was full house on Sunday morning,
ermmm 12pm can still consider as morning kan???
Sunday mar.....and tee hee hee I just woke up. :P
Mee Mee then pulled 2 cute matryoshka dolls outta her Never-Full-Bag
which she brought from Moscow while visiting her Sis-who's-gonna-be-a-doc.
GAHHHH I've alwiz wanted a MATRYOSHKA!!!!!
see so many of em!!!! and all are handmade and hand-painted.
Nee Lee had spicy crab linguini
Since it's still morning..*ahem*, Mee Mee ordered breakfast :)
above was the corn fritters with beef bacon and grilled cherry tomatoes
fastfood junkie like me ordered a DELIcious cheeseburger
that came with shoestring fries...erm which were not shoestring enuff
they should try SHOESTRINGS fries in Switzerland
Shell Shell had a heavy breakie b4 she came and had only this
french onion soup with melted parmesan on top.
Fai had gado gado
it was surprisingly good that I kept stealing his food
:D sowwy.
the secret has got to be its sauce.
Anyway this is Shell Shell & Fai
It was my 1st time meeting Fai the asam fish king
Shell Shell & her delicious face
Since we were dining @ Delicious.....and to get a free meal,
we had to impersonate a "delicious" face with its coaster
*okie there's no such thing as free meal no matter how hard u pose, we merely used it as an excuse to cam-whore*
Nee Lee's delicious face!!!
more like delighted!!!
Mee Mee with her pose
so cute!!!! Matryoshka dolls lose to u.
I think Mee Mee can pass as a korean.
Fai said he has no idea that DELIcious's food IS delicious
to him, his asam fish is the King.
when are u gonna cook for me?
I also want the deep fried belacan chicken.
okie this is my delicious look
more like macam muka baru bangun.
aaaaaa Nee Lee's very chocolatey choc cake with fudge + vanilla ice cream
make a wish!!!!
*I wish to be a (fluff)Friends Queen*
Happy 2X years old and 366 days
Nee Lee argued that there's Feb the 29th this year
hmmm OK.
we got her gummy bears cupcakes as well so u dun have to hunt so hard
for gummies in (fluff)Friends.....hehehhehe
the chocolate cake was absolutely drowned in fudge
DELIcious was so generous. TQ.
Nee Lee got a Lippie and a garskin for her notebook.
she refused to let me post some other pics of her
ok u won't wanna know wat we are grabbing.
I lurve my Matryoshka doll
this is for the new home.
I've vividly imagined where it's gonna be.
TQ Mee Mee.
all the just-woke-up-face...
I thought I still smelled colgate while toking to u all...

Nee Lee
we love u very much.

Bangsar Village II
GF-1, Ground Floor,
Tel: +603 2287 1554


licheng said...

I ate there just last week, for dinner with Ai Wei, but at the one below Marc Residence near the KLCC. Food was pretty good :)

neil said...

THANK YOU Bee Ree!!!!! Muaks :)

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Yeah they are opening one soon at Dua Residency. I've went to D Marc one too. They open till very late....

Nee Lee: :))))))))

Odin Cards said...

Erhm, I wanna know what you all ARE grabbing :P

Nice pics all...

N Eppi Belated Birthday to Nee Lee :)