Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Doc!!!

Oversea??? I thought it's Overseas???
the last round when Doc & Emily came, they bought 2 kg of char siew...
this was 3kg.
I've never seen anyone buying char siew by the bulk.
Ms. Monkey took 3 mins from Marriott's parking to its valet,
it was easy using the backlanes.
Bukit Bintang is my playground.

while.......JS took 2.3 hours to reach fr KLIA.
welcome to KL city Doc & Emily!!!!
with the terrible Friday jam.
wat a way to greet our guests fr Spore.
MSD has been Doc's favourite..
and MINE too :))))))))))))
absolutely easy to drinking....despite the travels fr KL-KLIA-KL
crispy can die roast pork
and the famous Overseas's char siew
Hairy crab ROEs shark fins soup...
so much of roe that it turned amber.
sweet like candy!!!!
Emily's favourite of the lot - mixed vege in fermented beancurd
steamed star studded Grouper
erm, in short it's 7-sing-pan
absolutely yummy with the coriander.
sticky sweet prawns...
this one was my favourite...
I dove for the heads!!!!
JS has been a chambertin person
it was so smooth that it cured Emily's back ache....

Emily: "aaaAAaaaaa I felt so good after the wines."
erm......*scratch head*
aussie abalone with mushrooms,
I don't like it to be cut this way - in chunks...
still prefer them sliced thinly and neatly
I was looking hi and lo for a cake @ Bkt Bintang that afternoon,
and been asking around....but it's either commercial cakes or cakes-which-are-not-cake.

Anonymous 1: "WAT CAKE U WANT LAR???"
Monkey: "ermmm, cake...birthday cake...something more gourmet?? :P"

Anonymous 2: "U go to Lavender."
Anonymous 3: "Try Haagen Daaz."
Anonymous 4: "Isn't there a Secret Recipe around???"
Anonymous 5: "cake???? I dunno, dun ask me."

and so during the late afternoon, I was seen trottling around
looking for a cake.
-_- and ended up at Sally's door in Ritz Carlton.
"I want a birthday cake!!!"
Sally: "Sure darling, we have this this this this and that that that."

so folks if u want anything gourmet @ Bukit Bintang,
pls go to Ritz Carlton.
Doc & Emily
Happy Birthday Doc....
He has been celebrating since a week ago,
that also spells drinking and be merry for the past 7 days
and more to come..
Nice pic!!!

Overseas Restaurant
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2148 7567


Tsu Lin + + said...

This Imbi one is oso lawrence's fav Overseas restaurant.

Wow... i see the siew yoke I salivate already............ yummmmmssssss

CHER-RY said...

Tsu Lin: I tried siew yoke at Chinatown London, somehow it's lacking something. Anyway there's cheap fair to London now......hmmmm..........