Thursday, October 09, 2008

Secret Location

Yep this is a Secret Location...
so shhhhhhHHHhhh
and private...
Mr. Kwon built it as his private sanctuary
and we were so privileged to be able to enjoy this.
At 5pm sharp, we were transported
to Location Classified
hiak hiak hiak
It was built on a small cliff
by the South of China Sea.
with a magnificent viewing deck
plus access to the beach.
all of us hanging out at the deck while waiting for the sun to set
what are u looking at?
enjoying the sea breeze with cold beer...
JS then took me down for a walk at the beach
we have FAT legs!!!!
that's me!!!
JS's master piece
-_- are u saying I'm fat like an elephant?
the sea was warm though
the sand was so fine!!! like dust!!!!
Who's poo poo was that?
beautiful setting!!!
I wanna stay here!!!!!
that's the place where we had our dinner
Mr. Kwon and Bernard da Joker went fishing
surprisingly they managed to catch a few fishes
and Chef Kim Chi went running down the beach with a 15kg cooler box
to store those fishes
which were the size of my palm
-_- haizzzzz
JS and me then sat at the other corner quietly enjoying the sun
Private moment PLS!!!!
the sun started to set at 5.50pm
I wanna come here again!!
by this time,
my tummy was making the I-wanna-eat-maam-maam sound
kluuu kluuuu kluuuu
Mr. Kwon was still busy fishing down there
got addicted I supposed.
Mark caught this fish with his small rod....
ooOoooo so clever...
so big lar your fish!!
I'm getting sleepy here with all the sea breeze
my Alain Mikli
this brand was popularised by Mr. Elton John & Kanye West

I wore it for the first time during this trip
after sitting at home for 24 months.
forgetting that I have this pair.
JS got this for me at Bangkok
*When is Msia gonna have its own BOUTIQUE????*

Really lurve this place
we must come back next time.


Kamsahamida Mr & Mrs Kwon...
I promised that I will not reveal the exact longtitue and latitude of this location.



licheng said...

oh man, the pics with the rippled sea is just awesome!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yes u are rite. This place is totally awesome!!! :))